Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Booking Through Thursday

  1. How many unread books do you have in your house, right now? (Your own books, that is--not ones that belong to other family members--and not counting things like school books, if you have them.) Clearly, an estimate will do. Reply here

  2. To the best of your recollection, what is the OLDEST unread book in your collection? How long has it been waiting? Reply here

  3. Do your TBR books (that's "To Be Read," if you didn't know) haunt you, make you feel guilty that you haven't read them yet? Reply here

1. OMG! Going just with the "fun stuff" that's right next to me as opposed to the vast majority of fun stuff which is getting stored.... I'd have to say 400.

2. Oldest as in time spent on my shelf .... well the obvious winner would be my Bible, but it's not like that is going anywhere. Second would be a couple collections of Emily Dickinson which I've hauled around for 25-ish years, but they aren't leaving either. So, coming in third is probably Fritz Leiber's Ill Met at Lankhmar which I've had for 10 or so years.

3. My books don't bother with merely "haunting," they *taunt* me. They also specialize in sweetly staring at me in an accusatory manner. They are especially good at guilt trips. But, when it comes to series, I am happy having at least 2-3 hanging out waiting for me because I dread "running out" of a good thing.

Reading finish: Tony Hillerman's The Fallen Man -- wonderful as usual.
Currently reading: Terry Pratchett's The Fifth Elephant -- well, duh, of course it's great
Bought last night: Hillerman's Shapeshifter and Hunting Badger and Rex Stout's The Rubber Band

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