Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey!

For our dear stitching friend Cathey who is celebrating her blogiversary today --- and is doing battle with cancer.  Give it hell, Cathey!

These are actually mini pumpkins I decorated at an office party -- in the background you can see a picture that says "HOPE"-- it is of a fight cancer rally that my friend, Karen, in NY took part in for my Mom.

Bless you Cathey and Karen and all the fighters and their supporters!

One Weekend, Eight Finishes -- No Lie!

I have owed you this report for a couple weeks now.  What can I say -- life has been nuts... and it is hay fever season.  Really?  Did I need this?  What, was Kleenix loosing market share or something?

Anyway, two weekends ago I sat my fanny down in Chez Hovel, turned off the TV, turned on the audio books, hunted up all those little things that needed just a little effort to finish (nope, I have no idea why I could not have done this sooner), and settled myself in to be accomplishful.  'Lo and behold I was!  In spades!

Here is Blackbird Designs -- Spring House.   Colors changes, of course.  It will be an ornie.

Doodles -- Holiday Sprinkles -- I bet you can guess it will be an ornie.

Brittercup -- Christmas Pup -- colors changed as per usual (Hey, So Many Books -- do you think you will be surprised when you get it?)

I can't remember at the moment who the designer is on this, but I seem to recall it is called Fat Dog -- on ornie (yes, So, that's your Luke!)

Bent Creek's Snowman House -- this is a Zipper kit which I just ignored the nasty, giant burlap fabric they think I ought to do it on

Sampler Girl -- Hope Perches -- sorry for the wrinkles.   I did iron it before I sent it off to the finisher's to be put in a box.

My ANG class patriotic heart  -- in Splendor, Kreinik, and beads

Princess and Me -- Biker ornie -- a medley of floss, Silk Lame Braid, Neon Rays, Fyre Werks, Needle Necessities (I had some old skeins hanging around), and Sparkle Rays.  This guy will have a partner soon  .... I hope.

So all of those in one weekend (Saturday morning through Sunday lights out).  I think I also finished 2.5 or 3 audio books that weekend too.  Yes, as a matter of fact I am still smugly proud.

I know my productivity won't last -- after all, I'm nearly out of things that are close to being done, and I just found out that once again my office team is moving so I will lack all motivation and energy until we are settled again.  But they have succeeded in breaking me down -- 6 moves in 3 years and instead of being worried about everything and freaking out about getting ready I am so blase about it all.  Whatever-- that's my office word on the move.... Whatever.

Here's to productive and peaceful weekends for you all.