Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Completed in 2006

Woo hoo --- look I actualy got a respectable amount of things done this year.... especially given how slowly I stitch!!!

1. 21 misc xs ornies (a bad year in ornie-production land! And none for me)
2. Shepherd’s Bush – Thankful Sheep (for me)
3. Heritage Stitchcraft’s bagpipes card as a wooden box (for the Campbell BIL)
4. Ewe and Eye needlepoint pillow – cottage rose/camellia with striped background (for mom)
5. Tiny needlepoint elephant ornie (for me)
6. Elizabeth Designs – Nature’s Alphabet (for me)
7. Liz needlepoint “button” of a mom and daughter (for mom, of course)
8. Heritage Stitchcraft’s Heraldic Rose (for me)
9. Needlepoint fall clock front (for Naomi and Tom)
10. Trilogy Boo (for me)
11. Little House Needlework – Americana Sampling (a not yet delivered gift)
12. Hobb Nobb – Love square (not yet delivered gift which I need to put the button on and make into a cube still)
13. Floral quilt square for Terry Louise of Taz’ sister
14. Margaret Sherry – Caterflies (a secret stitcher’s exchange)
15-16. 2 CSRR fantasy RRs
17-18. 2 CSRR Christmas RRs
19-22. 4 Sassies RRs (12 Dyas of Christmas; Jerimiah Junction alphabet; pansies, and a not yet delivered “secret”)

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