Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Drat this weather....

I like spring just as much as the next person, and yes, I'm a Californian, but this is ridiculous. See what it's like *right now*!!!!
Royce Plaza
Sunny -- blue skies -- mini skirts -- shorts --- tank tops.
These do not a January in the Northern Hemisphere make! I mean it's January frelling 9th and it's about 80F outside. This is not right. No such things as global warming my a.......... I know. I know. Soon enough it will be 40 and rainy and I'll whine like no tomorrow, but cut me some slack -- it's ****January**** for Heaven's sake! Seems like the only places having winter are CO and KS at the moment. Hey guys, we'd be willing to take 10-20 degrees off your hands.

A side effect of the weather is that plants are blooming....again. It's not fair! I shouldn't have to have allergies *every* season. So here I am, a sniffle-fest with a scratchy morning throat and an arm that still hurts like heck all the time. Yes, I am getting a clue I guess. I'm going to find me a doctor to tell me why I haven't been able to do much of anything with one arm since November. I'd like to sleep normally again, I'd like to be able to put both sides of my hair up, and I'd like to not have to resort to taking ibuprofin every 4 hours to merely be in constant pain rather than agony. Ok, so I get it. I still don't like doctors.

Enough with the whinging (Don't know "whinging," you say? Oh you really should! It's a marvelous word. Go! Make a new word friend.)! On to some serious planning. Actually, first a little whine. Why is it I never "get the memo" on TV scheduling? I missed half of the two-hour season finale of Doctor Who and I consistently missed the second episode of Bones (who said they were allowed to show 2 in a row without notifying me personally?????). Oh, and why does channel 11 or whatever they are calling themselves this month have to start all their shows 2 minutes in advance of every other channel? Sorry, I pulled a video to watch last night since the TV options were so dim only to find out I'm TV-challenged to say the least.

So, on to those plans...... in 2007 I'd like to:
1. finish my frelling dissertation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. make it through (with vicious editing) the piles of video cassettes "decorating" my hovel
3. clean and organize my hovel so I no longer have to fear tripping by magazine, cord, hanger, article copy, hoop, pant leg, or wayward tupperware
4. either fix or buy a new monitor for my computer
5. either finish or formally abandon 70% of my current UFO and WIP collection (which I need to update so I get full credit for anything I do get done!)
6. have my person weigh less and my wallet weigh more at the end of the year than it does now
7. have fewer than 5 new starts this year that will obviously carry on into 2008 (this will involve real thought and some severe self control over my "oooo-look-at-that-one-I-wanna-do-that-one" urges)
7.5. Shop for less stash!!!!!!!!!! {Luckily I ordered goodies last year that don't count in the "control yourself" restrictions for 2007..... These are by Martina Dey from the Thanksgiving sale at Stickideen von der Weihenburg

Know what else doesn't count? -- These WONDERFUL gifts from Jody!!!!!!!!!

8. cook something new from one of my billions of cookbooks at least once a month
9. make a difference
10. keep sight of my office desk tops and floors for most of the year
11. nominate for the Hugos

Enough plotting for now.... until later.
Currently reading: The Fallen Man by Tony Hillerman; Space Cadets editor Mike Resnick
Currently stitching (when I can hold the hoop): Christmas RR; Fantasy RR

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