Thursday, July 03, 2014

Merry Independence Season

Happy day-before to my 4th of July friends!  I hope the holiday weekend (if you get it) treats you well.  Here's to successful Wimbledon matches, a great British Grand Prix, patriotic orchestras, and grand fireworks......   yup, that kinda encapsulates my weekend.  What about yours?   (Yes, So Many Books, I know that there will also be unpacking and sorting, and putting away... never fear! --- Are friend, So, has retired and I promised to help her figure out where all the stuff she used to keep at work would fit in her house--- which will be great fun AND she has air conditioning which I do not... a real bonus on a hot weekend!)

I think my very patriotic buddy here can represent my holiday spirit --

The stitch guide for this guy just came in, and I have to admit that I'm divided on it -- it's cool, but annoying too.  We will discuss later when I have it on hand for referencing purposes.

More important than my to-be-started eagle is the arrival of my F&S exchange from Toni!    Check it out, my friends -- do I hear pangs of jealousy?  I believe I do.  I've known Toni for a number of years -- we met through Cross Stitch Pals -- so when the assignment letters were sent out for this round I think we both did a giggle when we saw we been matched by Jill.   And I, for one, have been having fun stitching for Toni.  Mind you I have obviously not bee stitching as fast as she has since she's done and mailed, and I'm still stitching.  lol

Toni sent my squares in this awesome "envelope"-- Toni -- you're the best!   How patriotically cool is this?!

On my own fronts, I've been working on this piece -- it is a needlepoint I'm doing based on a picture as a fund raiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I took part in a silent auction offering up a custom needlepoint ornie, but the woman that won the bidding asked me to turn it into something to commemorate the start of a new life for her in a new home-- the picture is like ones her daughter draws for her.  Eventually it is going to be a standing cube finish with a ribbon trim and  little ball feet.

 One last wave for the 4th -- this is a class piece by a friend -- me personally, I struggle to pick a favorite square.  I think I have it and then another one catches my eye.  Go ahead, see if you can name just one!

Have a peaceful holiday.  

P.S.  Sad news went out today via Facebook and The Guardian that Sir Terry Pratchett has had to cancel attendance at the International Discworld Convention because of his Alzheimers.  Positive vibes in his direction would be appreciated by the reading public in general and me in particular.