Thursday, April 14, 2016

GNU Terry Pratchett

Today, at the Barbicon Theatre in London, his name will be spoken.

"A man is not dead while his name is still spoken."  
Going Postal -- Terry Pratchett


Seriously, Ruth, October???   October?!?!?!?!!!     I could have sworn....   Oh let me just give it up now and say I am very, very sorry.  You can get out the wet noodles and give me heck.  A pox on me... well, not really, because if I'm poxed it will cut down on my typing abilities even more.


I am so embarrassed.

And I am also humored because among the reasons I was motivated to post today was to advertise for the Dewey's 24-hour Readathon next weekend (the 23rd to be precise).  And what was I doing in October when last I posted?--- advertising for the fall Dewey's Readathon.   lol   At least you know I haven't changed.

Dewey's is a fun, personal, and yet group adventure of readers around the world taking a day (or whatever of the day they can) to read, promote reading, and in general enjoy themselves.  There's no police force checking your progress or commitment -- want a nap, go for it.  Need a break for something silly like lunch? -- Fine.  Can't do Saturday, fine, try for Sunday.  Can only read for an hour-- sure!  Want to read graphic novels, short stories, poetry, Neil Gaiman, the encyclopedia?  Just enjoy yourself and your books.   They have a facebook group this year so you can see people planning -- their books, their snacks (seriously, there's a lot of care that goes in to some people's snacking plans), their schemes.  Come on over -- make some new friends, find a new author, show publishers we still care (and possibly that we're pretty peeved at recent wholesale cancellations at certain publishing houses)!   There's a Goodreads group too who is already all a-flutter with planning.

So, please, join the Dewey's Readathon fun.    It is a nice feeling to find out that a solitary pursuit like reading can be a giant community hug too.

The short version of life?  I've been busy.  I've been grumpy.  I hate my corporation.  I had a birthday (let's not go there).  I've read lots.  I've been on typical adventures.  I still haven't won the lottery.  Despite all (work) provocations, I have not needed bail money.
All things considered, I guess I'm ok.

I have stitched a lot recently... mostly needlepoint -- mostly because I've been doing small things -- I like that finishing buzz you get.  Some samples--

I wont wait months... I PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!

GNU Terry Pratchett