Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm in love

It's all my BIL's fault. Mr. Car Guy insisted on watching Barrett-Jackson Wednesday night. We've watched it every night/day since and I'm addicted. The cars are mostly beautiful. I'm learning my favorite sort of thing.... useless trivia. For instance,

I learned that Ferarris have horrid maintenance costs so they went "cheaply" (the two I saw were around $50K) . See? Fascinating, yet basically useless trivia since the chance of me buying a Ferarri, be it new or used, its dang slim.

Why am I loving BJ? Why might you? Well let's see, there's the sale of my personal favorite car the 1930 Duesenberg which went for just over $660K:
1930 Duesenberg BJ 2007  660K
Then there are the Great Auctions... like the CNN Hummer "Warrior One" whose proceeds went to Fisher House, a charity that operates houses throughout the country near military medical facilities to offer low-cost housing to military families while their soldier undergoes medical treatment. (A verey worthy cause you can check out at: ) It went for $1 million with an additional donation of $250,000 from a non-winning bidder who just wanted to help Fisher House:
cnn warrior one bj 2007 1 million
Then there are the Take-Your-Breath-Away auctions, like the one for the one-of-a-kind 1966 Shelby Super Snake which went for $5 million.... yes, I typed five million!!!!
shelby super snake 1966 bj 2007 5million

Aside from the trivia and the cars and their stories, the people bidding are fun to watch. I get to wondering about them and what they are like. Frankly a lot of them look like the might farm sorghum most of the year. That's no knock on sorghum or car guys, it's just they look low-key. I don't know what I expected car collectors to look like, but I guess I was thinking they'd be more over the top.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying my first Barrett-Jackson experience and I think I know where I need to go on vacation some year :)

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