Wednesday, May 30, 2007

quick pics

Pam from the Wiehenburg sampler group has confirmed that she received my biscornu so it's safe for me to post. This was my very first one ever and it was quite fun-- well, all save for the threading of the beading needle! :)

Wiehenburg biscornu exchange 5/2007
Wiehenburg biscornu exchange 5/2007
Wiehenburg biscornu exchange 5/2007

Monday, May 28, 2007

Wanna know what I'm doing?

.... to recover from the first ever coffee drink I've had.....
5/28/2007 the remnants

The women from my church's quilting group very kindly volunteered to make quilts for my sister and I from mom's fabrics. My beloved, anal sister spent 2+ weeks cutting squares every day. I have put it off.... until yesterday. The above is the tailings pile. Here's work central cutting central
And here's what I still have to go the quilt square potential pile 3am 5/28/2007
The gap in the box was made by cutting two squares from every fabric from midnight until 7am. Think it might take a while to finish the bin? lol

Friday, May 25, 2007

I'M DONE I'M DONE I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo hoo. Definitely extra hoo!!!!!!!!!!

Blackbird Designs -- My Quaker House -- completed 5/25/2007

I'm done I'm done I'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I finished while sitting at Union Station waiting for my train. To celebrate, I went back to working on Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy and got this far:
Mirabilia Halloween Fairy as of 5/25/2007

Oh and I finally uploaded pics of the needlepoint stash I got on bday stitching night . A Susan Treglown quilt: Susan Treglown quilt canvas I'll probably do it in Silk and Ivory for a pillow top maybe.

and a Melissa Shirley hair band that I'm either beading or doing all in Kreinik. The pattern is called "Golden Klimt" -- she also makes bracelet canvases that match her hair piece patterns: headband canvas

Hey, did I mention I was D-O-N-E!!!!???!!!??!?!!??!!??!!!!!??!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A party and more updates

Well, one local crew got around to having a spare evening for a fest. Se we had my birthday. It's not so terribly late. After all, another friend and I haven't done my 2006 bday party yet, let alone my 2007 one. :)

Anyway, dinner was a fine chicken caesar from California Chicken and "cake" was a pile of cookies from the local cookie heaven. There was much frivolity, an occasional spot of work, and some fine stitching. Here, meet the gang....

Here's Jenn with her heart canvas (you have to see the purple and light blue ones in person to tell how truly beautiful they are)

And Judy with a lovely angel (and one of the plates of cookies sneaking into the foreground.

Allison kept a low profile in the back corner -- that's her hunched over the game thingy...

While Allison wasn't stitching last night, we can prove she stitches because she give me a lovely desk set she made: img_3376

Jenn also shared her latest class piece -- look familiar now, Wawana?

And I had a place at the table with all the necessities of life:
img_3370 That'd be Coke, water, stitching, and Kleenix (it's allergy time for me). That's my Blackbird Designs "My Quaker House" sampler. I made great progress on it post-this picture, but you'll have to wait for my next photoing for an update -- all I have left is the bottom medallion! Woo hoo.

Of course I got goodies. Currently I only have a picture of the funniest one and the "finished" one. I'll let you guess which one is which --
I'd like to thank the Academy...img_3380

The frame is a distressed forest green with gold edges. The fabric is Wichelt's over-dyed jobelan "Watercress." The pattern is A.Fox Originals "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling." I did it on a whim starting the middle of the night on St. Patrick's Day while watching QVC's all-Irish special.

The party adjourned at 10pm and since we passed news vans on the way to my place I actually *gasp* watched local news -- they were covering the string of middle-of-the-night attacks on women walking alone in my neighborhood. Last week it was a guy with a crossbow running across the street. The week before it was some other weapon-involved incident. Maybe it's something in the water. And, yes, I did get the lecture about walking home alone at night, but even I don't do it at 3am!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Ok, at long last I have downloaded updates of my continuing saga of projects---

First in Blackbird Designs My Quaker House for the Quaker Inspired blog SAL:
BBD My Quaker House as of 5/13/2007
I've made some single-line mistake on the top, but I have counted and counted and counted, left it a day, and counted and counted and counted some more, and I cannot find anything off. So, in a fine personal tradition, I'm going to just add a spare stitch to each side of the arch and call it a "customization." :)

I also did a very little bit on Midsummer Night Designs Quaker Meetinghouse:
Midsummer Night Designs-- Quaker Meetinghouse

And finally I have finished the halves of a biscornu for the Wiehenburg yahoo group exchange. It's done in DMC and powwow beads :) Here's the front:

Since it's half-way through the month I feel a progress check is in order. May's goals were:
1. Finish 2 needlepoints -- any two needlepoints, just finish the dang things! ------ haven't even unearthed one!
2. Find (and start) Sweetheart Tree's fruit of the Vine hearts ----- haven't found them yet
3. progress on Vierlanden... let's aim for page 10 done, shall we! ----- a teensy bit of progress
4. Finish the Quaker SAL -- Blackbird Designs My Quaker House ------ a lot of progress made!!!
5. Do the finishing on all the ornies I have done to date. ------ lol Does moving them from pile to pile count?6. Complete the Weihenburg Group Biscornu Exchange piece and mail it EARLY!
7. Stitch 3 new ornies ----- lol, yeah, right
8. Finish the final (?) CSRR Christmas RR. ----- nope, not yet
9. Read 2 books --- I've finished Pratcehtt's Going Postal and Wolfe's The Black Mountain
10. Clear my hovel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -------- ROTFLOL
11. Start a chapter. ---- any minute now

Recently finished: Rex Stout's The Black Mountain -- fun as usual, but it must be a fluke that the last 3 Wolfes I've read have all had him leaving the house. Also, I must say I'm a little flummoxed by he fact that I can watch every crime show on television and happily enjoyed the new Casino Royale, but the tame torture scene in Black Mountain was thoroughly disconcerting. Possibly I was set off my game by the image of Wolfe in shabby clothing hiking through the mountains of Montenegro.
Also recently finished: Terry Pratchett's Going Postal -- I do love Pratchett and this was no exception --- I mean one minute you're hanged and the next your made head of the post office? lol
Currently reading: Pratchett's The Truth
Still wishing I could find: Zelazny's This Immortal
Damn I lost another one: Butcher's Storm Front

Back from D.C.

Happy Birthday, Sis!

I returned safe and sound from my non-surprise bday trip to spend my sister's bday with her. It was a surprise until my BIL emailed my sister and I the week befoer I arrived asking where we wanted to go to dinner one night. lol Poor man. He suffered through all the ribbing we gave him without complaint. I'm not sure how long he'll continue to take it though.

Twas a beautiful weekend although the humidity was definitely on the rise. I explored D.C. for a day while my sister was at work. I hit most of what I aimed to do -- The U.S. Botanic Conservatory on the Mall, the Native American Museum -- but decided against the humid walk to the Supreme Court, and replaced my time there with a visit to the National Art Gallery.

I hadn't been to the conservatory in years and it was lovely! Did you know they have a Chihuly??!!! :) I was in hog heaven.
img_2840 img_2812 img_2813

And the plants were pretty too.....
img_2853 img_2893 img_2925 img_2937 img_2909 img_2913 img_2896

I even found some wildlife!

The NMAI offered a new exhibit on women's dress:
img_2987 img_2988 img_2995 img_2996
And I whine about beading????????????

And a brief stop at the national art museum provided a Degas moment....

Day two began with the regional Leukemia and Lymphoma Team-in-Training kick off meeting -- both my sister and BIL do racewalk marathons with the team. Then, after a series of misadventures (Dumbarton Oaks was closed so there went that thought, wandering the streets of Georgetown for neat architecture was out because it was the annual garden tour weekend so no parking was to be found, and 6 million people thronged the streets of Dupont Circle for the EU Embassy open house tours so no trip to the Phillips), we headed out to the U.S. botanic garden and toured their 3 collections of bonsai, the herb garden, and the azelea trail.
img_3108 img_3097 img_3149 img_3187 img_3203 img_3235

And I found more wildlife :) A whole family of wildlife....

I do have some nice stitching updates for you, but I haven't uploaded the pics yet. Maybe tomorrow.....

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I owe you....

.... stitching updates and stashing updates. :) Heck, I owe me some stitching, but work and cleaning has tacken precidence.

The Vierlanden mystery sampler-- a close up on the first big medallion, the look of which makes me soooo happy!
Vierlanden as of 4/20/2007
And I have so far to go:
Vierlanden-- so far to go -- 4/30/2007

My Blackbird Designs My Quaker House SAL -- with all the colors changed... of coruse!
Blackbird Designs -- My Quaker House as of 4/30/2007

The first of my M Designs class ornies.... I'm getting there!
M Designs class ornie as of 5/2/2007

My pathetic beginning on a BBD Loose Feathers "Secret Garden" -- that's navy jobelan with Weeks "Morris Blue"-- a fav color of mine :)
Blackbird Designs as of 4/30/2007

And finally a Dutch motif ornie in some dark green (really yummy, if I do say so myself) of Carrie's Creation Threads and DMC blanc
Dutch motif as of 4/30/2007

As for stash, I showed you the beads yesterday-- they are my fondest thing right now, but while home cleaning mom's house I rescued these frames from old pictures and I'm so eager to figure the perfect things to stitch for them :) Aren't they great!!! wait until you see the ones I'm bringing back with me next time!!! :)
Grandma's frames
And close ups because they are just so cool!
grandma's frame close up
grandma's frame close-up

Ok, in non-stitching news. Did you see on CNN yesterday that an economics professor from a college in Savannah, GA has rooked his school and a bunch of people out of millions of dollars in an investment scam. He hooked them with his website where he proported to be "Super" Investor or Economist with a cartoon of him as superman. OMG, they gave him their money. Now, guess what? The money's gone and he claims to have amnesia. You know, I just don't know what to say.