Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday!!!!!

Hey world!  Best wishes to you on this lovely (at least here it is) Friday.  My buddy,  errr apparently she likes to be called So, over at So Many Books chided me yesterday for not having posted in what she considers a reasonable amount of time.  lol    Given that the other day I dusted her duck collection because she can't see that high (and the occupational health surveyor had humorous things to say about an asthmatic with that much dust in her office), you'd think she would not give me such grief, but there you are!

Probably dear friends what she is hoping for is to see progress on a particular piece in my pile  --- namely the one I refer to in my head as Eastern European Girls Go to the Fair

I yacked about it way back in this post of mine from March-- even had some of it threaded up.  Sadly, she is to be disappointed since I have not yet stitched on it.  I'll get there, I promise!

One of the things that interrupted the Girls Go to the Fair was Grandma Rose's rose which is now back from The Other Framer --- 

The frame is a kind of opalized green.  I think she'll be pleased.   Now I just have to quell my desire to give it to her immediately and wait patiently until her birthday in August.

Also instead of working on So's canvas I've been, as I like to say, frying other fish.  There's been a couple ornies I don't have pictures of.  And there's been progress on Ladies Day.  Here she is in all her glory:

I realize I neglected to ever post of close up of the final lady --

She's in two shades of Gum Nuts and 2 shades of Silk Lame.
now I've begun what apparently will be 3-months-worth fo sand infill--
Thats's a combo of Silk n Colors and Soy Lustre.  And, pl.ease, would someone out here help me remember that stitches over 12 are my friend!   Stitches over 1 or 3 are what you pass out to folks you don't lieke very much.  Sigh. 

Far cooler than anything I've done -- my buddy Jenn's witch's hat is home from the finisher --

How cool is that?????   Kudos to Jenn the Magnificent .... and to the patience it took to do this over the course of 2 years I think (granted I believe there was a 6 month break while waiting for us to amass a shop-minimum order so the pumpkin charms could be ordered in bulk).

Anyway, Jenn's my needlepoint inspiration/bete noir.  It's all her fault I started needlepointing-- I was perfectly happy in my xs life.   Blame her for why I have weak xs updates right now..... ok, well mostly it is because I didn't get my camera in gear, but Jenn's a very responsible person, she can handle the extra blame... heee heee.

Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend -- relax however you see fit!  See you next week.

P.S.   Feel better now, So Many Books?

Friday, June 22, 2012

tagged... and accomplishing....

Happy Friday!!!!!!   On Tuesday it never seemed like we'd get here, but here we are.  Tomorrow I get a weekend.   Whew.

No tremendous weekend plans here  -- a little working at the shop.  I hear through the grapevine that not only is Grandma Rose's rose back, but Beatrix has returned as well.   I have to admit I'm really annoyed at the Beatrix framer still.  When my friend called to tell me I had something in she was struggling with the words for what was in -- I had just started to get excited thinking maybe my little NYC cube was in (because I'm dying to see if the new finisher can actually make it square).  Then she indicated it was Beatrix, and I felt an immediate let down.  I was so exited about it before The Great Framing Battle of 2012.  Sigh.  Of course, there will be a full report next week.  I would appreciate crossed fingers in the meantime.

Anyway, a little catching up before the weekend.  Remember I was working on a swirly lollipop a while back?   Well, my sister has received her birthday box so now I can properly share (I don't think she comes to the blog, but you never know.).  For the record it's double-sided and the new finisher did AWESOME in my humble opinion.

Look how cool she did the hanger with gromets.  I love it and so does the sister.
I have to tell you a little back story on this sucker.  I did this as part of a long-standing joke she and I have going about how I was the little sister and always in trouble while she was the fair-haired older, more rational child.  I was always muddy and sticky.  She was always looking freshly scrubbed.   Anyway, we've had this whole series of laughs about things I was not allowed to do have ---- cotton candy, pomegranates, and giant candy suckers, for example.  So I explain this to my sister and say that I figured when she went to the fair that she was allowed to have a giant sucker.  WELL -- she relies while trying to control gales of smug laughter, "Umm actually, I got them at the fair, but also every week when I went shopping at the drug store with grandpa I got to choose anything I wanted from the candy aisle -- giant lollipops, candy necklaces..."   I cut her off there and let her know I had not only never been allowed a giant lollipop (even at the fair) but I had NEVER even been allowed to contemplate a candy necklace.  Oh the bitter inequity of it all!!!!!!

The sister also got a little gingerbread girl ornie for her birthday --

Now I have a question for you -- can you tell it's a gingerbread girl?  My sister apparently couldn't.
I was, for the record, allowed gingerbread.

Now for the tagging ---

My long-time Pals buddy, Shelleen, from tagged me in getting to know you game.  The rules are you answer the eleven questions asked you and then you tag eleven more bloggers and ask them eleven questions.  I am not going to tag folks specifically -- I leave it to you to tag yourself if my questions peak your interest.  Of course I want to know all about you all.....   curiosity features in one of my answers to Shelleen, but I will leave participating up to you.   Just leave me a comment if you decide to be tagged so I can go find out the secrets of your world .   

My answers to Shelleen:
1.       1.      Coffee or tea? 
Tea.  Definitely tea.  Ya’ll can keep your coffee.

2.      How old were you when you learned to cross stitch? 
I had stitched before, but I didn’t seriously pick it up and keep it up until college when my then best friend had it as her only personal time indulgence (she was pre-med so time “wasting” was a distinct luxury).

3.      Who do you work for and what do you do? 
I work for a giant, multi-national conglomerate that does everything from architecture to black ops.  Technically I manage the library for the economics section of the firm.  In reality I do research on economics, real estate, various industries, the environment, hydrology, etc.  Recently I’m helped a state plan how to expand its share of the U.S. tourist market, I helped plan the redevelopment of 2 zoos, and  I researched the industry-specific market factors for a city in Asia, a city in Europe, and 3 islands in the Caribbean.  Oh, and I am part of a team that manages my division’s ISO compliance for the corporation – if you don’t know what that means, you are a very lucky person.

4.      Do you have an apartment or a house? 
Hovel… errr apartment.

5.      What kind of car do you drive?
Drive?  Who drives?  I do love Top Gear (the BBC version) and Barrett-Jackson (but you know that already).   This is something that my friends find absolutely hysterical.  

6.      If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I’d really like to hop around overseas for a while.

7.       Are you a games person?  Videos, board games, or card games?
Kinda.  I used to be both board and card games, but not I’m mostly obsessed with Bejeweled online.

8.      If you could see anyone in concert, who would it be?
George Strait

9.      Do you like to read and if so do you have a favorite author or genre?
lol  Do I really need to say?  Yes to reading.  Genre:  Science Fiction.  Author:  Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Rex Stout (ok, so he’s a mystery writer—sue me for being diverse), Simon R. Green, Sharon Shinn, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, James White, and many, many, many more.

10.  If you aren’t married what characteristics do you look for in a spouse?
Loyalty, intelligence, humor, and curiosity.  Oh and patience.

11.  Can you sing or play an instrument? 
Since you didn’t say “well” then, yes.  I play piano and I sing (the singing happens when no one is around or when I’m in church (I love a good, old-fashioned hymn)).        

My questions for you if you choose to self-tag:
1.      Does all of your family understand your stitching obsession?
2.      Do you own an e-book reader (Kindle, Nook, etc)?  If you do, do you think it makes you read less or more, and do you think it will make a significant dent in your physical book purchasing?
3.      Do you have a theme song—or a pet song?  One that you always catch yourself humming?
4.      What’s your favorite trip you’ve ever been on and why?  Would you want to go back, or is the experience in one way, shape, or form non-repeatable?
5.      What stitching piece of yours are you most proud of and why?
6.      What piece of your stitching do you sometimes wish you had never started?  Or did you/do you love them all?
7.      You have an entire weekend free and clear to stitch – do you want your stitching time to be enlivened by:  a TV show marathon on (if so, what show), a movie (or series of movies) (which movie/s), a new music release (what music?), or a new audio book (which one)?
8.      What’s the goofiest thing you have ever done because of your stitching?
9.      Can you cook without recipes?  Or do you only like cooking with precise guides?
10.  Iron  Chef America or Iron Chef Japan?
11.  Do you have antique stitching passed down through your family?   Have you ever bought antique stitching?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Parades of all sorts

Sorry for the delay on my Championship Parade report.  Apparently the overwhleming joy of the day distracted me.  hee heee

It was a lovely day in Kings' Fanland.   All sorts of fans turned out -- including this pup with his own jersey

.... and everyone behaved quite nicely -- One of my big-smile moments was when the police officer in front of my section of the barracades addressed the crowd: "Now you're all going to have a great time and cheer and have fun, right? No one here is going to cause us any trouble, right?" The response from a guy in the back of the crowd -- "Heck no! We're not *basketball* fans!" lol

The Cup made an appearance --

We cheered star-tours buses of hockey elites --

And the streets of the city were filled with happiness --

In other life parades .... stitching continues.  I think I worked out what to do about the Bent Creek Noel ornie.

I went with Fern Frond from Belle Soie.  Why did I ever think I could do an eniter ornie without a little silk involved?

I think I finally committed to the stitch for the sand in Ladies Day.  Last night began the deciding about the threads --

Ok, on the left side of the sand the filler stitches is Soy Lustre on the right side is Lola rayon.  I believe I am going with the Soy.   I want a lighter shade and a light texture in this.  I think the Lola is a little too shiny and it is definitely too thick -- yes, I did know that going in, but sometimes I think I'm smarter than me.  Sigh.   Oh, and another good reason not to use the Lola -- it is a royal pain in the assets -- it twirls, it knots, it twists.  Sheesh-- you'd think I could remember how much I hate dealing with it.    On this piece, I can also report that while I'm enjoying the stitch and it does not goo too slowly, it is still so speed stitch so I believe my goal to have this finished this month will be dashed.

I recently started work on this jingle bell ornie for Strictly Christmas--

Why, I wonder, am I always drawn to things that can't have specialty stitches?   A good over-4 stitch would have this done in no time!

And a quick update -- In the last round of F&S I was matched with Daniela in Finland so I adjusted a BBD piece and a part of a piece from GOS for her  (if you follow the link you will See that Daniela has already finished the squares... yup, she's amazing!) --

The threads are a mix of Belle Soie, Silk and Colors, Sampler Threads, and floss.  The tree has a few peachy-colored beads to represent apricots because my grandpa had a big ole apricot tree that I used to love to play in and have fond memories of --- I wanted the squares to have a little bit of her (the flag) and a little of me.

Well, dear friends, I have to run.  Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Get a Parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite the best efforts (and they were quite grand) and Marty Brodeur, I get a parade today!  Yes, my very first downtown, championship parade!  Yahoo Kings!!!!!!!   I am wiggling with excitement (though I will admit I'm about to go downstairs and find the guy with the honking-horn-of-celebration and throttle him-- what if he keeps this up for the next hour and 20 minutes until the parade starts????).  There are little packs and black and silver (and sometimes, depending on the vintage of fan, purple) wandering the streets in preparation.  

I'll be back with parade notes later... and pics, well, I hope I'll have some worthy pics.  It'll be hard, what with me wiggling with this much excitement.  tee heee

On more pedestrian fronts I've been pseudo busy.  I seem to spend a lot more time staring at stitching than actually doing it.   But for what it's worth I have made bits of progress-- and I could use your help on a couple things--

I've gotten a couple more motifs in on my Quaker a la Six Mains--

So now I've gotten this much done -- 

Nope, I really don't know why I skipped over what gap on the left.  I seem to remember the corner seemed more essential.  I'm sure it was a "great idea" at the time. 

Here's where I could use some help -- 

Because I went and changed all the colors (dang me) the color that the note-so-swirly lines surrounding the stars and house don't work anymore.  Should I go with a peachy tan to mimic what they should have been and yet still go with the house or with a minty light green?  Oh, you think it might be more helpful if I had bothered to include some options with the pic?   Well, yes, it would have been, but did I mention being all wiggly over the parade in.... 1 hour and 7 minutes?

One last bit of progress--  Brittercup's Christmas pup --

I have no idea why this seems to be taking so long.  I did the dog in one short evening.  Somehow I stalled out when I got to thinking Fuzzy Stuff would be the perfect hat/stocking edging.   Oh well.  

All the best to all of you -- possibly I'll see you at the parade..... sorry Marty-- please don't retire, you really are remarkable.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Accomplishful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

... for a change.  

The weekend looked like a wash.  I was fairly unproductive on Saturday  -- put some in, pull some out -- put some in -- debate pulling it out.....   I assume you know the drill.   At the end of Saturday I thought the only thing I would have to report was that the roses were... D-O-N-E!!!!!!  Want to see?  <--- that there is a textbook rhetorical question.

She's already off to the framer's -- no not *that* framer.   Her peachy self will be getting a slim opalescent green frame.    I'm so excited that she's done.  And I'm treating myself -- no fiddly stitching for 1 week -- even though what I really wanted to get back at was my Arabian Woman from Lanarte.  I just knew that I'd start and remember how much I despise 6 stitches of that, 18 stitches of this, 4 stitches of that,.....   and then there would go the Arabian woman for another year into the Bin of Ignominy (aka the box of UFOs).

Anyway, there I was at the end of Saturday thinking the weekend was going to be a wash, and then you know what happened?  The Jubilee happened!  God Bless the Queen (and BBC America) !!!!!!!!!!  By last night I had completed:

My little NYC ornie -- it makes up into a cube and has a "tassel" of beads and buttons that hand from it (looking a lot like a scissor fob).  What took so long on this one?  Well, I finally got motivated when we got a new finisher at the shop who I think shows the promise of actually sending this back in a box shape rather than all puffed out like a marble.   {Particulars:  canvas by Kathy Schenkel designs; threads: Sparkle Rays, Fyre Werks, overdyed Kreinik/Threadwerks, DMC, and Lola.}

And also:  

My sparkly, red, swirly heart.  {canvas by Raymond Crawford (I think), worked all in FyreWerks}

So, gentle reader, if you are a counting kind of person, that means T*H*R*E*E finishes in one weekend.  3!      That's one more than 2.   THREE ENTIRE finishes in one weekend.  I was exuberant!  I thought I just might be capable of leaping tall buildings in a single bound.....  until I worked out my foot was asleep from not moving while watching and stitching.  hee heee

Flushed with success, (after keeping myself from starting back in on the Arabian Woman) I pulled out another UFOer and put in some border -- a sampler from SANQ a couple issues ago.  I'd show you a pic but it would be too boring for words -- imagine, if you want to, cream linen with a single-stitch forest green border that's about 5 inches from being done.  Yup, that's exactly what it would look like.  See, I don't need a picture afterall.

Ok, dear ones -- it's back to the grindstone for me.  I need to focus so I'll have the evening free to yell at hockey players......  Go Kings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!