Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm trying.....

... to be of good cheer. Really I am. So far today the plan seems to be working. We'll get back to that, because on more important fronts, I've been kinda accomlpishful. I'd liek to focus on the accomplishful for a change.....

Joy in the Journey as made it all the way to here:
2011 02 20 016

I have gotten this far on Beatrix:
2011 03 01 032
I just love that Vicky Clayton overdye!
2011 02 20 017
And the beads went in the new motif pretty well....
2011 03 01 033

And then bad, bad me started soemthing new -- Rose City Stitchers from Ewe and Eye/Trilogy:
2011 02 20 021
For a change I'm even using the called for threads. lol I know, it's practically a miracle.
Considering how many new things I've started so far this year I might as well have joined the January new projects challenge. lol

And I picked up more stash of sorts -- one of Danji's ginger jars-- It's only "of sorts" because a friend and I are doing it for another friend. It's not stash if it's a gift, right?
2011 03 01 006
This would be what it looks like if we weren't ... say it with me.... changing most of the threads.....
2011 03 01 008
This will be our pallatte:
2011 03 01 011
With the primary overdyes being these Waterlilies (the really purpley one will be the dark color on the base of hte vase and the other color will be the big diamonds in the wall behind the jar):
2011 03 01 013
Mostly the threads had to change because I hate perle (the green in the wall and under the jar is all perle... ick!) and the main overdye in the wall behind the jar we don't carry. What can I say, it's not a brand spanking new stitch guide. Now we have all sorts of wonderous thread opportunities. I do believe all the stitches will stay because otherwise, what's the purpose of a stitch guide? (I'm trying to experience different combos of stitches because, when left up to me, I tend to use only diagonals and pretty much the same 12-30 stitches because I like them.)

RE: that cheer thing. Work's been kind of kicking my butt. One step forward. Four steps back. I have learned ove rthe last couple weeks something very important: never admit to knowing something or recognizing something. If you admit to recognizing a given topic or job, it becomes your problem. I really should take a picture of my computer moitor at the office now. I go tso mad one day that I took those neon pink post-its and wrote "No. No. No. No....." on the top sticky band, trimmed only that off several sheets of the post-its and ringed the bottom of my monitor edge with them. A constant reminder to myself just to say "no" to helping people. I cannot begin to tell you how angry and depressed it makes me to feel the need to tell myself not to be helpful.

But having a job, and not being under a tsunami is a good thing. Also, yesterday I could eat lunch in t-shirt sleeves around the fountain at the office patio. That's good, right? Focussing on the positive..... maybe I need to sign up for yoga classes or some self-realization workshop? Dear Lord, could I get any more la-la land?

ta ta -- happy stitching and see you soon!