Sunday, November 28, 2010

Greetings from LosCon 37

Originally this post was going to be called "If you're my sister, Bugger off!" but I can't find the pictures I was going to post so that title will have to visit at a later date. I like it though so I'm certain you will see it eventually.

What have I been up to? Ahh, so very much. Mostly related to the two "B"s: bitching and boxes. We got 28 days notice that our office would be moved *before* a month was out. It was... barely. I've never seen such large dust bunnies! And I've never handled so much cardboard. Be that as it may, I (and a lot of helpers) got the entire contents of the headquarters of a 52-year-old company sorted, boxed, and stored or moved by the deadline. [It's amazing what 4 weeks straight of never less than 12 hours a day (please note: overtime is a mythical beast-- rumored, but never actually sighted in the company) can get accomplished.] Not everything is unboxed, but that's what happens when your new corporate holding company moves you from offices and support space to cubes. Nice cubes, but cubes nonetheless. Oh and they came with a warning-- the corners and edges can cut through clothes and have left a significant number of scars on office folks -- thanks! There's some happy news to begin your new corp life with.

In the face of the move and all its side trajectories, I have been sooooo looking forward to LosCon! I must say, while I have enjoyed my time I have, at the very best, been underwhelmed by this year's effort. No a single panel even close to offering cool new books/authors in the field. Usually there are a couple varients of this that are so well attended that people have to sit on the floor and stand along the walls (possibly because the room assigners must have some strange notion that a convention system built initially on a written genre doesn't read--- clue to room assigners: That crowd of people huddled in the door means YOU NEED A BIGGER ROOM, MORON!)

Anyway, no new/cool books panels. No really entertaining panels on arcane but strangely humorous topics. Only 10 entries in the maskerade.

Sure there have been nice moments -- the JPL panels today and yesterday were very good. The panel today on whether or not steampunk is anachronistic was good. I'm sure tomorrow will bring all happiness and sunshine!

Oh and funny of the day. This morning I was up at 7am (it's my HOLIDAY people) because between 8 and 10 am my corporate wellness program rep had an appointment to call me and review my health survey (a way for me to save a bundle on my insurance for next year). I'm up. I'm ready. No blooming call ! I didn't have a panel until 10am and I was up at 7! Oh someone is hearing about this!!!!!!

At least the panels I have attended have allowed me stitching time -- This was my progress as of last night:
2010 11 26 057
I nominated it Ornament Weekend so that's all you get.

Mostly the last few months have been needlepoint months for me. I concentrated primarily on my sister's Christmas stocking (someday I'll find that picture), but lots of other canvases snuck in because I hated working the tree on her stocking. Among the pieces that got attention lately are:

An ornament for me to commemorate ConFrancisco (the first WorldCon I attended -- I've decided I need to stitch an ornament for all my major cons):
2010-07-20 013

I totally fell in love with this piece at TNNA last year. Hopefully I can do justice to it--
2010 11 26 049
The roof is Thread Gatherer wool and the house outines and walls are Belle Soie.

I started this little bookmark because it was going to be "so fast." Yeah Right. Little miss color princess came out and I'm stalled on the cone.
2010-07-20 036

My Zuni bear has a butt-
2010 11 26 043
I still have no idea how I'm going to have him finished.

I simply had to start this guy--
2010 11 26 052

I even made some progress on my shawl dancer
2010 11 26 053
2010 11 26 054
It's gotten way nicer to work on since I quit with the Kreinik and moved on to Neon Rays Plus and Highlights.

And this little ornament which just makes me giggle. It won't make it for this year's tree, but....
2010 11 26 056

Just for the record, though I haven't xsed in forever there is some progress on my Beatrix Potter sampler since I last showed you --
2010-07-20 038

And I even got a dozen stitches in on Lanarte's Arabian Woman:
2010-07-20 030
Yeah, I know, you can really see it coming together. lol

One last thought before I go -- Happy belated Thanksgiving!

2010 11 26 011
In the spirit of the season, I am thankful for:
Cons, even without cool book panels.
Having a job even though I hate most days.
My friends -- virtual and otherwise.
My family who doesn't read my blog as a rule, and that might be a very good thing.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dead? No not really.

Yes, fair friends. I was not done in my a lamp post in the night. Nor did I win the lottery and retire to peaceful climes.

So what have I been up to? Work. Just work -- Doing work. Sharing work. Throwing work. Swearing about work. Being depressed about work. Bitching about work. Volunteering for (IDIOT) more work. Being lumbered with more work.

Stitching much? No not really.

Reading much? No not really.

Been pissy? Oh yeah, often.

Missing all of you: DEFINITELY!

Currently: Being perky -- because on Friday by 11am I shall happily be ensconsed at LosCon from whence I shall (allegedly be able to update ya'll on recent life.

In the words of my soon-to-be-former governor: I'll be back.

P.S. The happiest of Thanksgivings to those of you of an American persuasion.