Monday, August 25, 2014

Being Lucky, Being "Productive," and Being Bad....

Hello world.  Yes, I should have been here sooner.  I'm sorry.  I've been... involved.  I'll explain soon I expect.  in the meantime I hope this finds you and yours well and happy -- with blue skies, puffy clouds, and frog-free stitching.

I can report, as the title for this post indicates, that I have been supremely lucky of late.  My "Country Club" stitching buddy, Kathy, gifted me with this lovely canvas that she has decided no longer calls to her.

She even gave me the collection of threads that were pulled to finish the piece.  Now, I need help.  I need you all to keep me from getting all entranced and ignoring my IP pieces in favor of this new beauty.  My strategy in this regard I believe is quite brilliant. You see I like my canvases very taught -- this one I brought home without restretching.  lol  I do what I can to control my baser instincts (and my growing list of UFOs)

As for being "productive" all I can say is I have made progress on various fronts -- not much progress though.  Sigh.

Ester has more clothing on the ladies, and more feathers on farm animals, and even some flowers in the grass --

Now the Esther debate rages over handling the baskets and dealing with those brown spots int he grass -- I'm sure they are supposed to be mushrooms, but with all those farm animals around all I keep thinking is, well, you know.   And I steadfastly refuse to stitch that!

I've made progress on my Leukemia and Lymphoma fundraising piece.   Planet done, and actually, part of the background is in too- though that got stalled when I put one row in incorrectly 3 times.  Three tiems is apparently not my charm.

My Tsunami Sampler came out for a bit last night.  Let's face it, I am a sucker for colorful pieces and this one is so handy for those moments when I need s little mindless color.  I'm doing her in a melange of Vicki Claytons, Waterlilies, Belle Soies, Splendors, and Silk n Colors.

And I have a new start.  Isn't it lovely?  LOL  It's my F&S Round #33 offering for our friend Jennifer of  
Sweet Pea Stitching.

Sorry for the fuzzy quality, but what ever possessed you to think I'd show you what was up for her in advance?

Now, as for being bad.  Well, I can't seem to help myself.

Some days it feels like I have 6 million books and yet I brought these home this weekend --

Mind you, I have yet to find a place selling more reading time.

And then I was also bad in the stitching arena.   You see it all started at TNNA this year where I spent a long time chuckling at the Annie Lane canvases.  Then maybe a month ago A Full-bodied Birdeaux arrived on the shop wall -- 

 And then a couple weeks after that there was an error in the shop's order for Annie Lane canvases and we got an extra one of these --

Well?  What do you expect.  I had to.  I just had to.  It makes me smile.

Now, sally forth and have a lovely day -- don't be bad like me... unless it makes you smile.