Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Happy Dancing Again

The great stitching happiness of the finishes below almost-- *almost*  --balances the annoyance of having to shift offices again at work.  Sigh.   Ok, I'm going to focus on the happy (and damn the packing crates)!

First joy of the week:  The stocking is back from the finisher

He is lined with white velvet and backed and corded in red velvet.  And, as you can see, the back is embroidered with wishes from my sister to her grandson.

Also completed (last night as a matter of fact) is the partner piece for the green biker from last week.  They can now happily head off for finishing this weekend.

And just so my WIP/UFO pile doesn't feel bereft from all the finishes, these arrived for me.  Yes, I do believe I can get into some serious stitching-startitis trouble with these.  Mind you, does anyone else feel like these issues just are not as utterly cool as  they used to be.  Hmmmm.  Makes me want to do an analysis --- check out year vs. year how many ornies I fell in love with in the issues.  It just seems like 5-ish years ago practically everything called to me.  Now, not so much.

Here's to you having a wonderful day.... and me not throttling anyone at work.