Thursday, October 15, 2015

Readathon--- want to join the fun?

Hi folks -- I'm just quickly buzzing in to wave the flag for Dewey's 24-hour Readathon, a twice a years reader's event which is taking place this Saturday, October 17th.  It's a no stress, no pressure adventure in reading with a whole bunch of book buddies across the globe.  You may never have met before, but you can all be best friends for the weekend.  You don't have to read all 24 hours -- it's about sharing the love of the written word and saying thank you to the awesome people who make their livelihoods creating books for us.

I am probably particularly sensitive to the lure of the Readathon right now since I'm freshly back from Bouchercon in Raleigh --- a wonderful event filled with amazingly friendly people and books.... lots and lots of books!   So I find myself with fresh stacks of fodder for a reading marathon.  For instance....  Here's what I had amassed at Boucher by the end of Day 2 of 5--

Still Day 2--

And more Day 2--
And heck -- here's part of what came home with me from LAST Year's Bouchercon in Long Beach (and most remain unread)!

 And most of these denizens of my shelves remain unread ......

So, see?  There is PLENTY for me to be inspired by.    This is why I will be taking part in as many hours of Dewey's Readathon as I can on Saturday (and you just know it will carry over to Sunday too in Maison d'Hovel).  Join me?   Come on... you know you want to.  Even if just for an hour--- think of it as thanking a writer for making you happy.

The link at the top of this post is to the general page with posts on what's happening and suggestions. If you want to hop straight in, here's the link to the Readathon sign up page

Oh, and while in Raleigh I was reunited with a forgotten friend.  This round robin had been making its way around the country some years (wow) ago, but he never came home.  He ended up recently making his way to my buddy, Chris, who returned it to me as a surprise while I was visiting her before the con.  It's so cool to rediscover an old friend.  Obviously Missy likes it too.   It didn't come home with me though because Chris took it off the the Cross Stitch Pals Beach Retreat (sign up for next year's--- it's a lot of fun) this week to work on a square and possibly collect some other people for it.  The surprise will continue to grow ,,,, yay!

Go forth and have a beautiful day --- see you in the Readathon I hope!