Monday, June 18, 2007

It's done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

The Beau Geste/Radko needlepoint ornie is done! Only took 3 years. lol
Radko FINISHED!!!!!  6/16/2007
I'll have it finished as a flat-back ornie, but I'm not sure what cording I'll pick. I'd like to go with the gold, but what I used in the stitching is ribbon and that won't cord very well.

I also had a Christmas stitching fetish of sorts this weekend. Check this out....
ornie blitz 6/16-17/2007
The birds in baskets are part of the big sampler pattern in this month's Gift of Stitching. They are done in whatever it is that Needle Necessities calls their Christmasy green and Cristmasy red, and the multi-colored one is in Six Strand Sweets "Rhubarb" (appropos of nothing... my favorite kind of pie).

ornie blitz 6/14-6/17/2007
The one on the gold mushroom lugana is in DMC and Carrie's Creations "emerald" (at least I think it's emerald). The dark motif is part of a pattern whose name escapes me at the moment and is done in a Kreinik braid and a Needle Necessities which in hank form clearly switches from green to red, but doesn't translate that so clearly in stitched form.

Back to work...... so many annoyances, so little time.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Out of sorts and covered in dust

Sigh. I've spent two days going book-by-book through a 15+ book donation to my campus library. It's cool. There's really great stuff for us to add, but man I'm coated in dust, and I wish I had my camera to take a picture of my "desk" and floor. Sheesh. i may spend the next two weeks digging out of this collection.

I have no stitching pics and I don't know why. I seem to have lost a couple of theme somewhere. I did start something new -- a baby piece, but right at the moment it's a nebulous blob of white on mushroom evenweave so there's nothing too intersting about it. And I couldn't show you if it did look neat because you never know when a parent might get nosey and come looking at my pics. They will just have to wait!

I can show you a little of the "neighborhood." First an update on the infamous "yellow tree." It's not in the "green fuzzy pod" stage:
the yellow tree 6/7/2007
the yellow tree 6/7/2007

We have a new building readying to open soon. It's supposed to be a nanotech enclave, btu frankly all it makes me think of is Metropolis and/or Blade Runner. I should really take a shot at night; it's even weirder then.
Nanostructures or Metropolis?

Off to clean the hovel......
Quotes of the day/last week:

Never enter an ass-kicking contest with a porcupine.
The wisdom of Cohen the Barbarian -- Terry Pratchett -- Sourcery

Rincewind: “Danger has stared me in the back of the head... oh... hundreds of times.”
The Archchancellor’s Hat: “I don’t want you to go into danger.”
R: “Good.”
A: “I want you to stay out of danger.”
R: “Why me?!”
A: “For the good of the university, for the honor of wizardry, for the sake of the world, for your heart’s desire, and I’ll freeze you alive if you don’t.”
Terry Pratchett – Sourcery

…. As cold-blooded as a dead penguin.
On the Patrician – Terry Pratchett -- Sourcery

Currently reading: Pratchett's Sourcery, Hammett's The Thin Man, and Butcher's Storm Front
Dang where could it have gone??!!: Zelazny's This Immortal

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The world and updates

I'm tired of the heiresses named after cities. Global warming, Darfur, Afghanistan, general ignorance -- haveth we not enough to worry about without squabbles between sheriffs and judges? Just wondering in an annoyed sort of way.

I finally picked up a needlepoint WIP (BeauGeste/Radko red, white, and blue star ornie in Petite Sparkle Rays and Treasure Braid) and got from:
Radko/Beau Geste star ornie

all the way to here as of last weekend:
Beau Geste Radko star ornie as of 6/3/2007
Now I only have a little bit left! It's a miracle.

I also made progress on Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy:
Mirabilia Halloween Fairy as of 5/30/2007

And I finally got some of my previously stitched ornies semi-finished. Somehow the whole ribbon-hanger-thingy was just too much for me that night. Christmas ornie finshing 6/4/2007 Christmas ornie finshing 6/4/2007

Oh and I did an ornie this week -- The motif is from the Beatrix Potter Quaker. I did it in Carrie's Creations Threads "Olde World Red." You know, when I got that color in I was disappointed -- it seemed to varigate suddenly from red to purple, but I have to say I think it stitches up wonderfully :)
Carries Creation Threads ornie

And there's been some stash arrivals. Why I thought I needed these I do not know. I mean, seriously, when do I think I'm going to have time for these?
LK ornie collection Cricket Collection -- Spring Fleece LHN LHN Peace and Plenty JBW Christmas Motif JBW Christmas Motif II JBW French Love sampler

Despite the look of the above, it's been a mopey sort of week. My uncle passed away last weekend. He was always quite the dynamo and it certainly was hard to watch him lose to Alzheimers. I finished Pratchett's The Wintersmith recently and in the process of entertaining me immensely, it summed up how hateful the condition is -- "When you take away memories, you take away the person – everything they are." I'll have a picture to share as soon as I find it. Uncle Wendy deserves it.

Currently reading: Terry Pratchett's Sourcery (lovely) and Dashiell Hammett's The Thin Man (this is a classic? -- I mean I have a respectable collection of single malts and I like a gin an tonic as well as the next barfly, but could it be possibly to have more than two sentences in a row that don't involve drinking, being druck, or suffering from acute hangover?)
Recently finished: Pratchett's The Wintersmith ... yeah, I'm up to date on the Tiffany series

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lookie what I got!

I finally got to the bottom of the mail bin -- to Tuesday's mail and lookie what lucky ole me got from Charlotte in Kent. She was my surprise partner in the Wiehenburg biscornu exchange. She did an absolutely marvelous job and has made my entire weekend!!! Bless you Charlotte!!!!!!!!!!!
Wiehenburg biscornu exchange from Charlotte 5/2007
Wiehenburg biscornu exchange from Charlotte 5/2007
Wiehenburg biscornu exchange from Charlotte 5/2007

I'll bask in the happy glow and share my "accomplishment." So far this is how far I've made it on Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler--
Beatrix Potter begins with beads 5/30/2007
Great progress, eh? lol

On that note I'll go back to work now.

Just finished reading: Tony Hillerman's The Wailing Wind -- outstanding!
Currently reading: Pratchett's The Wintersmith
Found!!!: Jim Butcher's Storm Front
Still MIA: Zelazny's This Immortal
Think I'd like to start: One of Simon Green's Nightside books or Glen Cook's Garrett volumes