Thursday, January 17, 2013


Dear Patient Readers (such of you that remain) – I may have been reenergized.  Somewhere last summer I lost my stitching compulsion.  It seemed to get replaced with a napping and/or reading compulsion.  I’m not positive it’s back, but I did feel some tingling urges for needles and thread yesterday when I ran across Claudette's   2013  Turtle Trot  challenge  (how appropriate for a Pratchett fan?!?!?!?!!!).  I’m starting it late (story of my life), but I’m joining!  Yes, dear reader, you did hear a latent “dang it!” in that statement of joining. 

The Turtle Trot calls for me to:

1.       Pick 13 unfinished projects.  -- Check.  [boy do I have that covered]
2.       Take a picture of them.  – Ok – mostly I’ve got that.
3.       Post said pictures/list of the Turtle Trot projects. – See below.
4.       Repost Progress on them by the 13th of each month.  Ok.  I might could do that.

So, here goes.  My Turtle Trot 2013 project list is:

1.       Victorian Heart (needlepoint).  Sorry, no picture.  I think this helped bring on the lack of stitching drive in the first place.

2.        Lanarte’s -- Arabian Woman.  I just love this and it deserves to be done.

3.       Sundance’s – powwow shawl dancer (needlepoint).  I’ve made it passed most of the hated Kreinik now.  I should be good on this. 

4.       Ewe and Eye and Friends – Rose City Stitchers.  This piece calls to me… apparently not too loudly though.

5.       Tish’s – Ladies Day (needlepoint).  Soooo close.   So very, very close.  If only I’d stop picking stitches that need three needles working at once.

6.       ByGone Stitches – One Nation.  I think once I make it to the letters this piece will seem to go faster.  Those stars feel like they take an eternity to do.

7.       Princess and Me’s – Golden Gate Bridge ornie (needlepoint).  There really is no reason this shouldn’t be done already.

8.       Quaker a la Six Mains – Just because the colors no longer speak to me is no reason to quit so close to completion!

9.       Labors of Love’s – cocoa cup (needlepoint).  I just need to keep reminding myself that this dimensional piece will be so cute.

10.   Blackbird Designs’ – America.  I’m doing this as a memorial for my Great Uncle Ellis (and I really think it’s beautiful).

11.   Liz’ – California Quail.  I think I got hung up trying to figure out he feathering on the wings.  I always get trapped thinking that my needlepoints need ot look/work like real critters.

12.   Stitch Specialists’ -- Tree of Stitches.  I’m probably a third done.  Sometimes specialty stitches seem so daunting.

13.   Ethel (actually from a painting called something lie Market Day at St. Remy) – I started this over the summer and I love it, but it’s soooo big.

14.   I reserve the right to suddenly import one of the following to the list—I’m a mood stitcher.  I can’t be expected to remain rational and focused.

Chessie and Me’s – In Virtue’s Ways.  This one also called to me, but somewhere in spring I muffled its screams.

Martina Dey’s – Vierlanden mystery.  Take about a BAP!

 Trilogy’s – Gathering of Hearts.  This really needs to get DONE!

Friendly Stitchers’ – Sampler Mystery.  I let the beading slow me down.

Patriotic Heart (needlepoint).  Just a few surrounding rows left.  It’s too embarrassing that this isn’t done already.

Lee’s – Plume floral fan (needlepoint).  I keep vacillating on how to stitch the flowers.

Any one of 12 needlepoint ornies I have started.
Any one of 20 xs ornies I have started.

That should keep me busy don't you think?

See you soon.  I hope.