Monday, January 29, 2007

Stitching and stash

Happily I can report that my arm is doing better. not good, but better. I think it just retrained me to use my lap stand :) Regardless I can show a little progress.

I did a little bit on my Vierlanden Mystery:
Vierlanden mystery Jan 28 2007
It's on cream, 32-count linen. The solidish-looking color is Carrie's Creations Threads "Maskerade" and the varigated color is Carrie's "New Vision." The green that I haven't stitched in yet is Needle Necessities "Grecian Olive." At the moment I'm only about 8 pages behind on this project. lol

Next we have a RR that I'd be done with save for the fat that one color was missing from the pack.
CSRR Fantasy2
I did the "rectangle" from about the wolf's neck down.

I also owe a picture of some recent stash... Don't be too jealous!
black jobelan, wild raspberry linen, apple blossom linen, parchment jobelan, and ivory jobelan
And Wichelt's hand dyed jobelan in "Lite Raspberry"
Wichelt hand-dyed jobelan -- lite raspberry

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