Friday, February 20, 2009

Interview with a dork.......

Dork, that'd be me. You see our friend, Kathy interviewed me. Possibly you've seen this making the stitching blog rounds? The idea is you ask a blogging comrad a series of questions (of the interviewers choosing), they post the answers on their blog, and, in turn, offer to interview someone else. So, here goes.

Kathy's interview and my ruminations--
1. Of all the wonderful cities you have visited which is your favorite and why?
I'd say DC wins hands down simply because of the vast amount of different kinds of things you can do, see, go to, experience without a $20+ admission price for each one. I probably went to 8-12 museums on my last trip to DC and only paid an admission fee for one. If you don't want to do "the museum thing" DC is also a city that lets you just wander around -- lots of interesting architecture and outdoor events exist in a compact space. You can wander and experience at will. Also it is an easy city to get around in -- aside from the fact that it's rather compact and therefore walking-friendly, there's the Metro to use as well. Even at the height of tourist season it doesn't rival NYC for crowds (which always make me edgy). In the end, if the city is too much, a brief drive gets you to beautiful countryside -- Mount Vernon, Monticello, Montpelier, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Jamestown, Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, etc, etc ..........
Ultimately, I suppose a lot of what makes DC attractive to me is that it is a city of transplants -- the majority of the city is people from somewhere else, making "locals" and the city itself more sensitive to visitor's needs and issues. You don't feel like a nuisance or the butt of jokes; you're just one of the crowd of "foreigners" milling around.

2. Who is the person who has influenced you the most in your life and why?
It's gotta be my mom. For good and bad she made me me.

3. What is your favorite piece that you have stitched and why?
Darn. I'm riffling through the ole memory -- some "big" pieces come to mind (JN's Enchanted Swans is lovely, I'm fond of the quilt needlepoint I did for my sister last Christmas, and there's always the giant quote by Emerson that was put out by Twisted Threads),
Just Nan's Enchanted Swans
12_27_2008 056
Twisted Threads -- To Laugh Often
but I don't know that they really are my favorite. What I keep coming back to at the moment is the presonalized sampler I did for a friend based on my Cross Stitch Pals class with Mary of M Designs.
1_31_2008 002
I think I like it over any of the others because I got to be creative an put a lot of originality into it -- I charted Australian Shepherds and my friend's funky-shaped coffee mugs for it, I tracked down patterns from all over for little bits and pieces (like the garden bench she has along her front walk), and I was a able to find all sorts of charms to add-- like the parton saint of dogs, a purse (she has such a fetish for purses), and lucky charms (since she's got hoards of those in her life too). It was a lot of fun and I want to do it all again, just differently.

4. What does stitching mean to you?
Calm. Quite calm. Oh and possibly an excess of TV listening--- it's not like I "view" much TV while I stitch.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Don't I wish I knew? I should have an answer to this since I'm supposed to know stuff like this in my hunt for a more reliable job, but frankly I just don't. I'd like to see myself settled, peaceful, adequately employed, and surrounded by stash though.

Now, that I've yammered on to Kathy's very thoughtful questions, is there a sucker.... errr volunteer for me to interview?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

That's so L.A.

Only here, folks. Only here.

L.A. police in 3+ hour, slow-speed chase of a Bentley

BTW, they didn't mention the "normal" people lining the streets cheering and waving, or the cell phone camera/paparazzi blizzard that was able to form due to the slowness of the chase. Yes, sir, that's my city!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

I stitch and I'm a moron

Since I may not have time for a post tomorrow, I'm giving you the what-I-hauled-with-me and what-I-accomplished-while-house-ditting post tonight. Although, seeing as it's after 2 am it really is tomorrow. Anyway.

Please remember, last year I showed up to house-sit with this accumulation of possible stitching:
6_26_2008 061
6_26_2008 073

This year I only arrived initially with this:
1_26_2008 048
But on subsequent drops by The Hovel to check the mail, I picked up "a few things." So eventually I amassed this here in house-sitting heaven:
2_08_2008 063
Those bags include:
2_08_2008 064
2_08_2008 071
2_08_2008 077
2_08_2008 080
2_08_2008 082
2_08_2008 091
2_08_2008 094
2_08_2008 096
2_08_2008 102
2_08_2008 100

Granting that I was sort of smash and grabbing when I dropped in for mail at my homestead, but really, what was I thinking. More to the point, WAS I thinking???? lol

Dear friends, despite my obvious insanity, I have made progress, and since I promised a report, here you go. While house-sitting my final accomplishments are as follows.
I went from this:
11_23_2008 002
to DONE!!!!!!!!!!:
2_08_2008 075
Nope, I have narry a clue what I'm going to do with it. Any finishing thoughts strike you?

I went from this (actually from the very start of this):
1_23_2008 037
to DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!:
2_08_2008 066
Woo hooo!!!!!!!!

I went from this:
11_08_2008 013
to this:
2_08_2008 107
that's Black Swan's limited edition dragon

I went from not started to this:
2_08_2008 105

I went from here:
11_17_2008 009
to here (and I'd have finished that too if I'd remembered to bring the red beads along -- you'd think in all that stash I'd have managed to have a frelling baggie of red beads, but nooooo):
Drat. I can't find the picture right now.

from here on my fife and drum:
1_26_2008 050
to here:
2_08_2008 096
Please note the huge change of th strings on the side of the drum! lol

And I went from here:
1_12_2008 080
to somewhere further, but I forgot to take a picture this evening.... cross your fingers for tomorrow.

So, gentle readers, I am feeling rather accomplishful. And with that I shall leave you for the evening, err morning. Hope to see you later today!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Promises promises and why Noah needs an ark

Dear stitching friends, if you wish a good chuckle, adn one where you are chuckling because you completely understand where this stitcher is coming from, go check out the February 1st post by Linen Stitcher. LOL Oh, I so completely understand!

I would like to take a moment to warn ya'll that Sunday I shall have a lovely post-- A post of great happiness. Because I shall actually take the time to photo, upload, transfer, and post pics of my stitching progress. Suffice it to say that thus far I am quite proud.

Tomorrow I intend to do some cooking, but other than that I shall be spending a significant part of the day here:
1_26_2008 004
I'll be cozied up next to the stripy pillow. With any luck the sun will show up and that spot gets the perfect light for stitching. While sttiching my bare feet shall be enjoying this:
1_26_2008 007
1_26_2008 010
1_26_2008 018
Not only is this rug beautiful, but it is so incredibly soft. I just can't describe how happy it makes my feet!

Oh, and for the record, guarding the door to my happy stitching spot will be my dear companion--
1_26_2008 005

I do owe an update on the stitch in I had last weekend.... gosh it seems like so long ago! A grand time was apparently had by our little band. Here's Allison showing off her first real cross stitch-- real fabric (no plastic or aida) and a real xs and blackwork pattern... you go, Allison! (Yup, Allison really likes purple. A lot!)
2_01_2008 035
Here's Judy with ANOTHER Mill Hill Santa (she's obsessed with MH beaded Santas!)--
2_01_2008 037
And here's Jenn saying "stop taking my dang picture"--
2_01_2008 036
And here's the front of Jenn's totally stunning needlepoint --
2_01_2008 040
Yes, you can ooo. It's definitely worthy of an ooo or two.

On the Ark front:
Apparently my flower pictures from the last post were taken as a challenge by the weather. On Thursday it started raining and it has only periodically stopped since. Maybe it's February showers bring March flowers? Gads I hope it stops raining before March! Now, before you say it, I know that rain holds no candle to what some of you have been dealing with on the weather front. But rain in Southern CA is like a major event. We somehow are startled by it every time it happens-- even when we like it. And when it's as heavy as it has been for the last two days, hillsides go down (with houses on them generally), freeways stop, and flood drains-- well even a light mist overwhlems them. [BTW, is your civic storm drain system like this? I mean here it's like they don't even exist. Why have the big ole hole in the curb if it can't actually handle a few hours of on-and-off heavy rain???? Sure, I get that it'd be hard pressed for any system to handle a wekk-long hsolid storm, but we're talking a couple days with rain for maybe a couple hours at a time. Call me naive, but I think that ought not flood a city like it does here.--- off soap box.)

In one of the heavier moments this afternoon, I did venture to take some rain pics today (I wanted to go make sure everything was hunky-dorey in the gues house), but I haven't uploaded them.

Despite any possible storm implications, allow me to continue with some pretty flowers from Chez Bliss' yard.... I'm glad I took the pics when I did since now pretty much all the flowers are soggy.
1_24_2008 008
1_24_2008 009
1_24_2008 014
1_24_2008 019
1_24_2008 035
Orchids readying to bloom:
1_24_2008 041

Until tomorrow fair stitchers.....

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Stitching in Paradise

Well, I have a few spare moments so let me try and catch you up on the joys of house sitting. Some of you were around for my adventures last year in house sitting at Chez Sublime. Let me assure you that it is no less lovely this time around.

I came to The Resort on the heals of returning from DC. I was still jet lagged and a wee fuzzy in general from the trip so I didn't exactly pack with thoughtful consideration. For instance I decided it was brightest just to quickly take out the heaviest sweaters from the DC suitcase, toss in a couple light shirts and sweaters and my favorite office cardigan and jacket, and call it a day -- after all, it's winter here in CA too. Well, imagine my lack of humor when after two days of highs near 60, we hopped straight into mid spring and haven't had a high below 70 ever since. Sigh.

Anyway, the logic that went into my clothes packing also went into my stitching. Remember last year? I arrived at the house with all this:
6_26_2008 061
and this:
6_26_2008 073

This time I "only" arrived with this:
1_26_2008 048
Pathetic, eh.

Here's some close-ups to show you what's been happening with my needles since last I reported.... (aka, The Not Much Report):
I am most proud of my progress as part of the blessed Beatrix Potter SAL -- from this:
1_26_2008 052
to this:
1_26_2008 065
Progress on this is also courtesy of Jenn's arrival with my needlepoint shop's latest beading needle threader by Colonial. Now I know I have a picture.... where'd it go????

I also have progressed on my Gathering of Hearts. I've made it from here:
1_12_2008 080
all the way to here:
2_01_2008 044
If you want to see a lovely, COMPLETED one, go visit Cindy who was apparently egged on suitably by me to put her final bits in. Good show, Cindy!

And on my needlepoint clock face from here:
1_23_2008 081
to more than here, but I don't have the proper photo:
2_01_2008 045

I've also made progress on my BBD bouquet -- from round about here--
11_23_2008 002
to here--
2_01_2008 049

And since last Saturday when it was black, I've been obsessed with my latest needlepoint:
2_01_2008 051

I have to quit my house-sitting adventure this weekend when the real property owners return from their trip. I wonder how much I can get done by then? I'd like to state my goals for the rest of the week... let's just see how far I get. I'd like to:
1. finish the clock face
2. work on the Zuni bear needlepoint-- here's what it looks like right now:
8_2_2008 015
3. finish BBD bouquet
4. progress as far as possible on my new "5th" needlepoint

I feel I also owe ya'll an update on Chez Lovely life. While so many of you are under snow, this might be mean, but while you look at these shots around the yard, think of your impending Spring ---
1_12_2008 013
1_12_2008 016
1_12_2008 020
1_12_2008 023
1_12_2008 038
1_12_2008 041
1_12_2008 044
1_24_2008 004
Someday your Spring will come!!!!!!!!!