Thursday, January 04, 2007

Theme of my life?

Jeez I look over my recent posts and I get the distinct impression that I spend my life tired. My first thought was "that's sily of course I don't." My second, more thoughtful thought was, "then again, now that I think of it....." Sigh. And, to keep with the theme, what can I say, but that I'm tired again. It's true. I am.

I'm going to put the current exhaustion down to still being on East Coast time in a West Coast world. Well, it's what I'm going to put it down to anyway.

D.C was wonderful, thank you. The weather prayers I sent in advance apparently helped. We had spots of rain, but no snow or ice. I was such a happy visitor! I am feeling some worry over the poor cherry blossoms and flowering plum trees/shrubs I saw about town blooming. They are in for a bad shock when the weather changes back to normal again.

The short version of the adventure was I traveled; I cooked; I ate; I presented; I played with the grand nephew and niece; we visited Gettysburg, Yorktown, William and Mary, the Library of Congress twice (I'm official -- I have a lifetime researcher's card now), the WWII Memorial, the Corcoran, ERA's DC home (did I show you the orange kitchen???), and Montpelier; we B&B'd in Orange, VA at the lovely Holladay House (if you head that way I reccomend it especially if they are making the cinnamon crepes for breakfast), we New Year'd a local vineyard with wonderful food, wine, compny, and fireworks (courtesy of the chef's creme brulee torch); we stood along the GW Parkway and welcomed Gerald Ford back to his town; we walked some, and we giggled a lot.

Why doesn't my fae description use the words "exhausted" and "wishing you were still on vacation?????"

What type of Fae are you?

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