Annual Plans (aka Laughability Page) (2012-14)

2015 Plans:

I think I'd like to aim for 24 finishes this year -- 12 ornies and 12 significant projects
At the moment the projects foremost on my mind are the following (categorized by how I think of them)

  • Daunting:
    • By the Bay's Serenity Harbor sampler SAL -- the one fresh start on this list
    • needlepoint flag (about 10% done -- just boring basketweave)
    • Ellen's flag  (about 20% done -- languishing due to largeness)
    • Ethel (needlepoint) (about 30% done -- I spend most of my time staring at it and figuring out what stitch to do next)
    • Mrs. needlepoint  (maybe 3% started -- got set aside in efforts to finish auction items, small gifts, and exchanges.  I think February will be the Month of the Mrs.)
    • Boothy's KandQ  (maybe 2% in -- damn color changes)
    • Tish's Ladies Day (needlepoint)  (probably 65% done -- sky, hair, faces, and jewelry remain)
    • Ewe and Eye/Trilogy -- Rose City Stitchers  (probably 45% done -- other things seemed more important)
    • Artists Collection summer barn quilt needlepoint (maybe 8% in -- It's mine so it can't be all that important, but I'd like to finish it to see if I want to do the other seasons before they are no longer painted.) 
    • Friendly Stitchers' A-Stitch-A-Week sampler  (I believe I have all my boxes done, and 3 or 4 filled in.  I got sidetracked coming up with perfect fillers for the squares. And it's mine so it is never very urgent.)
  • Large:
    • Susan Roberts' engineer nutcracker needlepoint  (about 3% in -- a present which needs to be done for next Christmas-- so by August/September)
    • Waterweave's Eagle Eyes "Darryl" needlepoint  (about 28% done -- lots of color changing, lots of color differentiating, and a stitch guide that was a laughable waste of money -- great canvas; TERRIBLE guide.  It's mine too.)
    • Dawn of Spring SAL  (probably 70% done -- I got hung up beading a row... lots and lots of beading)
    • Carriage House Samplings' A Mind Independent and Free  (about 7% done -- over-one.  My enthusiasm for over-one is limited.)
  • Manageable:
    • plum floral fan needlepoint (65% done -- need to do the handle, couching, and figuring out how to do the flowers.)
    • olives ornies needlepoint  (maybe 3% in -- fun, but not important;  but they take a lot of space up because they are on a long canvas so getting them done would help out my stitching bags.)
    • Painted Pony Home of the Brave ornie needlepoint  (50% done -- lots of fiddly color changes)
    • Blackbird Designs' America  (45% done -- somewhere my count got off)
    • Beau Geste Santa banner ornie needlepoint  (about 5% in -- coming up with multiple small stitches is a pain the the fanny.)
    • Golden Gate Bridge ornie needlepoint  (80% done -- I need to do it on my stitching stand and I usually don't haul that out-- just lazy.)
    • Stitch Specialists' Tree of Stitches  (about 50% done -- I got busy envying everyone else's.)
    • powwow shawl dancer needlepoint  (about 75% done -- background, hair, face, and bead fringe)
    • Quaker a la Six Mains (90% done -- just need to custom the wording)
    • Beau Geste Santa hiker ornie needlepoint (about 3% in -- finding small stitches... still)
  • Smalls:
    • big tree ornie  (about 1% in)
    • leeping sheep ornie  (probably 45%)
    • Drawn Thread bird wreath ornie  (probably 40%)
    • pending new start ornie exchange with Jenn  (pending = 0.0%)

Because I get so enthused seeing everyone's activities in Blogland, I joined a series of SALs and challenges.  I'm rationalizing that they will help keep me focused and active.  Yeah, right.  You know you are all going to have to help keep me on track.

SAL's/Challenges joined:
Stitching from Stash 2015 (approx. $25/month)
Friendly's Getting It Done in 2015 (focusing on, well,getting stuff done)
Smalls 2015 (post the last Wednesday of every month;  trying for one every month-- two would make me blissful!)
Turtle Trot 2015  (15 projects to pick and deal with-- happily, as you can see from the above list, I have no shortage of opportunities for this one)
Edited to include:   Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness (posting the 15th of the month)

The 2014 Sincere (if over zealous) Hopes:

I aim for 24 finishes (with only a max of 12 xs ornies counting towards the 24 total) and a separate 24 finished-finishes this year.  Fingers crossed!

XS finishes and/or progress :
  1. Ellen's flag
  2. 24 ornies
  3. Plum Street Samplers -- Mary's Sampler
  4. A Mind Independent and Free
  5. Eye and Eye -- Rose City Stitchers
  6. Tree of Stitches
  7. Prairie Moon -- Home of the Free, Land of the Brave
  8. BBD America
  9. Quaker a la Six Mains
  10. Lanarte -- Arabian woman
  11. In Virtue's Ways
  12. Vierlanden
  13. Tsumani Sampler

Needlepoint finishes and/or progress:
  1. Ladies Day
  2. Mrs. 
  3. Mr.
  4. Ethel
  5. flag
  6. Home of the Brave ornie
  7. Golden Gate ornie
  8. powwow shawl dance
  9. plum floral fan
  10. summer barn quilt
  11. Beau Geste Santa hiker ornie
  12. Beau Geste Santa banner ornie
  13. pink rose box lid


The WIPocalypse hopes of 2013:
  1. Lanarte's -- Arabian Woman
  2. Eye and Eye and Friends' -- Rose City Stitchers
  3. ByGone Stitches' flag
  4. Quaker a la Six Mains
  5. BBD America
  6. Tree of Stitches
  7. Chessie and Me's -- In Virtue's Ways
  8. HiH -- Spooky
  9. Trilogy's -- Gathering of Hearts
  10. Vierlanden Mystery Sampler
  11. CHS -- Carriage House Christmans
  12. BBD -- Christmas cardinal
  13. Bride's ornie collection

  1. Victorian Heart -- DONE!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Powwow shawl dancer
  3. Ladies Day
  4. Golden Gate Bridge ornie
  5. cocoa cup -- DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Liz' quail
  7. Ethel
  8. Summer barn and quilt
  9. Zuni bear
  10. plum floral fan


The 2012 WIPocolypse Victims, err Projects:
1. Beatrix Potter Quaker
2. Rose City Stitchers
4. HiH Spooky
5. Trilogy -- A Gathering of Hearts
6. CHS -- Carriage House Christmas
7. Bride's tree set
8. BBD -- Christmas Cardinal
9. Vierlanden
10.  25 ornies  -- 17 down as of 7/29
11. Quaker a la 6 mains
12.  Lanarte -- Arabian Women

1. Ladies Day
2. Powwow shawl dancer
3. Golden Gate ornie
4. Statue of Liberty ornie
5. Summer barn and quilt
6. Zuni bear
7. vase of flowers
8. floral bookmark
9.  moose ornie
10.  candy sucker 
11.  plum floral fan
12.  swirly red and silver heart
13. NYC Statue of Liberty cube

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