Sunday, February 24, 2008

Updates from the sick room -- woo hoo!

Apparently, being somewhat more healthy (although I'd recommend investment in Kleenix, Robitussin cough medicine, and cough drop stocks because I expect their usage to continue to grow) I was inspired (and obsessed) yesterday. lol I worked for the day at my LNS and we had a mostly quiet day. As usual, I'd brought along about 20 possible projects. Somehow I got focussed on the quilt needlepoint I'd been ignoring for a month or two. So I started working. And I worked through the day at the shop. And I worked through my friend's nail appointment after the shop closed. And I worked through several hours of old mysteries I unearthed from my pile of Jeez-I-Wonder-What's-on-Here videos. And at 4am this morning this is where I was:
2_23_2008 007
2_23_2008 008
2_23_2008 010
Yeehaw! What can I say? When I get obsessed, I get OBSESSED. lol

I finally unearthed my Bride's Tree SAL house finish that I'd lost the picture for and reshot it --
2_23_2008 005
It's part of a LHN piece from an old JCS (2002, I think). I did it in Splendor and Vikki Clayton silks

And I made a pair of Bride's February heart finishes --
2_21_2008 014
This is one of the JBW trees in Belle Soie silk and red beads. I've wanted to do this pattern for a long time and was hemming and hawing about doing it when I decided I could make it work from the Bride's SAL by featuring that heart.

2_21_2008 009
This is part of a Long Dog sampler that I did in Carrie's Creation "Surprise." Originally I was going to use it for something else, but I decided it would be a perfect heart for the Bride's set I'm doing for a particularly "colorful" friend.

And finally, a little progress on my final Bride's January house --
2_21_2008 016
It's a Dragon Dreams JCS 1999 ornie. I'm waiting for the Kreinik I need for the roofs to come in. Oh, ok and I need to do the trees on the right and the door and a bunch of snow and the right corner holly garland.

I even made some progress on Americow --
2_21_2008 001
I only have three more red and white rows, and cow legs, tail, and face to finish on this.

BTW, I am heartened to hear that so many of you also eat "in order." lol I think we're the logical ones!

And, Barbara, I owe you some badger pics. My little friends will be happy to be featured. It's a good excuse to do an inventory anyway.

Recently finished: Tony Hillerman's Skinwalker -- Excellent! I think it might be my favorite Hillerman thusfar.
Just started: Tony Hillerman's The Sinister Pig
Wishing I had: Another Nero Wolfe audio book to start and a really comfy, well-lit recliner and whatever book catches my fancy from the shelf.


Itching To Stitch said...

All your WIP's look great. But your needlepoint quilt is just stunning ;)

Chiasmata said...

Lol, my goodness girl! That's an awful lot of stitching in one day. Maybe you better lay off some of that cold medication - shady types use it to make crystal meth after all.

tkdchick said...

OMG!!! YOu have been obsessed! I love it when I get totally wrapped up in my stitching!

Leena said...

Your WIPs look beautiful! The needlepoint piece is lovely, what pretty colours! You've been very busy stitching :)

Kathryn said...

Go, Ruth. That needlepoint quilt is simply stunning. I can't wait to see it done.

Barbara said...

OMG, you are SCARY when you're obsessed!

Kathryn said...

You know we have a guest room, so if you ever need a weekend away, say in Vegas, you are welcome here, though I can cook fancier things than fried rice.

Sachiko said...

Lovely stitches!

Barb said...

The Needlepoint quilt is beautiful. Great
WIP's too. Your needle must be smoking!

Novice Stitcher said...

I just did the JBW Designs Christms Tree and I LOVE what you did with the heart - it just makes the piece so much more interesting. You're a great inspiration!

Sonda in OR said...

Goodness sakes, you're a stitching nut! LOL! I'm envious. And you listen to so many books as well. I'm double envious! Thanks for stopping by my blog!