Friday, February 08, 2008

February plans.... yeah, so it's late, so what!

Before any plans I simply must share the stunning squares Sue W. sent me in this round of the Fair and Square Exchange.
2_7_2008 002
It's just perfect! And it came with such nifty enclosures. Please note the tube of mini M&Ms. Now note it a mere 48 hours later....
2_7_2008 006
lol Apparently I'm a fan of mini M&Ms.

Sue's received my squares, but I can't figure out where I put the pics of them. Sigh. Maybe I'll be able to unearth them this weekend. Cross your fingers.

Now, for some planning.... I'd gotten out of the goaling practice, but I thought I'd give it a try and combine it with a little try at rotation stitching. I've never really tried rotation stitching before, but with a couple big projects languishing in corners of my hovel I figured it might be worth a try. We'll see how much progress I've made with it over the next month and a half.

Goals for February:
A. 1 night/day a week on my Vierlanden -- currently it looks like this:
2_5_2008 107
If I'd kept up with the group, I should be done with this by now. Sigh.

B. 1 night a week on my powwow shawl dancer needlepoint -- currently:
11_24_2007 013
My problem with this is that it's mostly Kreiniks and I can only stitch for a limited time with them before they bother me.

C. Sandy's Society RR -- a specialty band sampler -- you only get a picture if I actually get moving on it. lol

D. 8 ornies:
3 done already (LHN house; JBW house; jingle sheep)
2 in process currently (DD castle; HiH red bird)
3 that need doing -- hearts for this month's Bride's Tree SAL -- I'm leaning to a Rainbow Gallery one, but for the others, I'm not sure.

E. 5 PIFs:
Yeah, like you'll get any pictures of those. I'm not quite that lame. Well, maybe not that lame. lol

Anyone got any hot weekend plans? I'm for work all day Saturday, but Sunday I'm going to my ex-boss's house to make/show her how to make albondigas (that'd be Mexican meatball soup for the non-Westerners). I am hoping for tasty and un-problematic soup creation and a really productive day at the office. OMG, you should see my office. And it's even better than it looked earlier this week. Hmmm, I should get pics tomorrow. It'll really give you a chuckle. Remind me to tell you about the Great Water Glass Caper.

Currently reading: Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime -- kinda typical Christie -- annoying, but fun. This one features Tommy and Tuppence who are the "funnest" of Christie's detectives, in my humble opinion.


Linen Stitcher said...

I *so* love that Vierlanden!! Please, please work on it so I can see it finished in all its glory! (There, how's that for a bit of incentive?)

Ruth said...

Ahhh, just the incentive I need. :) THANKS!!!!!!!!

Barbara said...

Shawldancing and Vierlanden are INCREDIBLE!! Work on them, I want to see more!!

Jeanne said...

Let me second Barbara's comment! I don't usually stitch any southwestern stuff (being from/in upstate NY), but Shawldancing is going to be gorgeous! Thanks for the definition of albondigas, too! :-)

tkdchick said...

You received some beautiufl squares!

YOur WIPs look great!

Terri M said...

Your color choices for Vierlanden are beautiful! It's going to be gorgeous.

Chiasmata said...

Good luck with the rotation! You've got some stunning WIPs there.

Janaina said...

Aaawww... Love the squares! Very neat!:o)