Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Roster lives!

I keep promising both you and myself that I'd do a visual tour of my WIPs and UFOs. If you have a lot of projects "going" and want to be motivated (or possibly depressed) I'd suggest this adventure. It helped me think about what I had roaming around, how what was underway fit into my gift-giving plans for this year, and I even managed to get some things off my WIP/UFO list because it turned out I never started them! lol

Here's my roster:

Vierlanden Mystery Sampler
2_16_2008 059

Susan Treglown springy needlepoint quilt
2_5_2008 007
2_5_2008 010

Mirabilia -- Halloween Fairy
12_02_2007 009

Americow (kinda behind the times in picture age here, but it's what I have on line at the moment so you'll just have to deal)
2_5_2008 004

Trilogy -- A Gathering of Hearts
11_7_2007 005

M Designs bourse Cross Stitch Pals class 2007
2_7_2008 017

M Designs purse Cross Stitch Pals class 2007
2_7_2008 018

Quaker a la 6 Mains
Quaker a la 6 Mains 11/29/2007

PIF (an "antique" pic but you're not getting anything more recent right now. Tough!)
2_3_2008 007

Beatrix Potter Sampler SAL -- oh yeah, there's real progress for you. lol I stitched on it one night. That's all, one night. What can I say, my beading motivation is low.
Beatric Potter floss toss
Beatrix Potter begins with beads 5/30/2007

HiH -- Herbert (my office/darn-I-forgot-my-stitching-bag project .. he lives in one of my desk drawers)
2_4_2008 002

needlepoint clock face-- one down (left -- completed in 2006) and one (right) SHOULD be underway (was also supposed to be done in 2006... sigh)
2_5_2008 016

Just Nan -- Pearl Orchid -- the consequence of one of those I-am-tired-of-Christmas-ornies-and-I-want-to-stitch-something-pinkish moments
2_5_2008 002

lighthouse needlepoint
2_4_2008 007

Blackbird Designs bouquet
Blackbird Designs as of 4/30/2007

M Designs -- wreath ornie
M Designs class ornie as of 5/2/2007

Sundance -- shawl dance needlepoint -- what can I say, Kreinik bugs me.
11_24_2007 013

Susan Roberts -- Zuni bear needlepoint
Susan Roberts (I think) Zuni fetish bear
Zuni bear close up

Bride's Tree SAL house ornie -- Dragon Dreams -- very out of date pic
2_3_2008 001

Mt. Fuji kimono -- freshly on stretchers with no stitching as yet

plum floral fan needlepoint
No pic available

Firehouse dalmnations needlepoint
No pic available

My award for recent Who Are They Kidding commercial:
Shell Oil -- commerical is something about how you keep your car's motor clean with Shell gas and now you can keep the interior of your car clean by picking up a "collectible cleaning cloth -- free with the purchase of $10's worth of gas." Now, I'll give them credit for not using the typical line -- "come in and collect all 4" (there appear to be 3-4 different colors of the "high-tech" clothes). But seriously -- "collectible" dust rags??????? rotflol Thanks Shell, I really needed the laugh!

Quote/Funny of last week's TV viewing:
One of my semi-guilty pleasures is watching MSNBC's series of prison documentaries. Last week they debuted a look into a youth facility for the most problematic kids. Ok, you get the idea, it's prison for teens-- they've killed, robbed, sold drugs, car jacked--- these are not nice little angels. One kid is listing the things he can't do, ie., whatever he wants, when he wants, with/to whoever he wants. He ends his list with "you've basically got no social life." Errr, hello, Earth to Junior, you're in p-r-i-s-o-n. <--- shaking head in stupefication. Every time I think of this I just smile.


Chiasmata said...

Wow, you have the most amazing list of WIPs. I'd just die if I had that many projects on the go! I have no idea how you keep track of them all...

eledhwen said...

Dear Ruth, thank you for your comment. And yes it is the Whisky Map, my father has a whisky shop, so it is a perfect gift for him.

Barbara said...

Grr. Blogger ate my comment!

I'm laughing that I'm not the only one with a VERY unfinished Quaker Mains. LOL! But Vierlanden totally steals my heart - what a beauty!

Vonna said...

I must say Ruth...and I mean this in the very BEST way possible...I actually feel a tiny bit better about all of my WIPS after seeing yours! LOL! :) :) :)

Amy said...

Hey Ruthie, you don't have enough started my dear, come on, I KNOW you have much more stash than that! Pull something NEW out & get to work on it!! ;-) ;-) ;-)
I can laugh WITH you because I probably have more started than that. I don't feel bad at all... this is our very relaxing & joyous hobby, right?

Hugs to you my dear!

Jennifer said...

Holy COW do you have a lot of pretty things in action there! How do you even decide what to work on? (I'm loving that Beatrix Potter quaker - love the colors, can't wait to see how it progresses)

And my DH said the same exact thing abuot collectible dust rags! LOL

tkdchick said...

Wow you have an amazing amount of WIPs on the go!! How do you pick what to work on! I'm stressed out with the wips that I have!

Beatrice said...

Hi There. Thanks for visiting my blog.
I must say I thought I had a lot of pieces.. you top them all.
Good for you at least you have fun and don't get bored.
You have some wonderful stitching there.
I'm trying to dwindel down my WIP's
this year!!

Itching To Stitch said...

Great WIP's. I think you win the prize for the most WIP's going ;)

Michele said...

wow .. those are some beautiful wips! I'm feeling like an under achiever here .. I don't have many wips at all :(

but I do have that really really old Gathering of Hearts .. I wonder were it is? lol

Janaina said...

Come see me - I've tagged you!

Mel said...

Hi Ruth, I don't feel too bad now. I think I've got just as many WIPs. Maybe I should do the same and take pics of my WIPs. My kick my butt in gear! I really love your Sundance & Zuni Bear!!!

Sonda in OR said...

You mentioned ME! I am very honored...I think that's my first official link on another person's blog. You're very sweet! I love your roster...what a nice variety of projects. I'm almost inspired to share mine...almost. :)

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Ruth!! I love the pics of all your WIPs. I have that same pile of cross stitch and needlepoint, though I tend not to show my needpt. ones on my blog. Everything is beautiful and fun that you're doing! I want to clap my hands for you and say, "Yessss!!!" Hugs, Deb
PS: Verlanden is awesome!