Monday, February 11, 2008

So much to share......

... and so little time right time right now!

I can quickly show off my finish of lat night-- this is my part of my friend Sandy's RR. She wants a specialty band sampler. She did the motif at the top and I did the 5 rows--
2_11_2008 006
The rows are as follows--
1. Montenegrin in Waterlilies “Navajo”
2. Triple Leviathin in DMC 316
3. Darned Hearts in DMC 930-932
4. Double Cross in DMC 932 and Petite Treasure Braid
5. Cashmere in Waterlilies “Navajo” with connected satin stitching and backstitching in DMC 315. (There should be burgundy beads at the “fence post” points of the backstitching – that single tall line in between the sections of burgundy satin stitching.)

Hmmm what else can I show off real quick....
Drat it all!!!! The needlepoint I finished recently is missing pics in the album. #*($&)@&#)(@* Why am I never quite prepared?????

More later then....
One request-- you all go have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!

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