Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May plans

Let's see... what was I *going* to do in April? Hmm....
1. Finish through page 9 on Vierlanden (so far I'm in page 7)--- sorry only up to page 8
2. Stitch 3 ornies -- hmm I think I did 1 whole and two halfs
3. Actually do the finishing on the pile of ornies I have completed thus far. -- lol -- see #5 below
4. Make progress on Midsummer Night Designs' "Quaker Meetinghouse" -- yup, did that!
5. Make progress on Mirabilia "Halloween Fairy" -- for a day or so I did.... possibly that counts
6. Take part in the Quaker Inspired SAL -- Blackbird Designs' "My Quaker House" from their most recent book -- I did that

May plans:
1. Finish 2 needlepoints -- any two needlepoints, just finish the dang things!
2. Find (and start) Sweetheart Tree's fruit of the Vine hearts
3. progress on Vierlanden... let's aim for page 10 done, shall we!
4. Finish the Quaker SAL -- Blackbird Designs My Quaker House
5. Do the finishing on all the ornies I have done to date.
6. Complete the Weihenburg Group Biscornu Exchange piece and mail it EARLY!
7. Stitch 3 new ornies
8. Finish the final (?) CSRR Christmas RR.
9. Read 2 books
10. Clear my hovel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11. Start a chapter.

Let's think hopeful, shall we!

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