Thursday, May 17, 2007


Ok, at long last I have downloaded updates of my continuing saga of projects---

First in Blackbird Designs My Quaker House for the Quaker Inspired blog SAL:
BBD My Quaker House as of 5/13/2007
I've made some single-line mistake on the top, but I have counted and counted and counted, left it a day, and counted and counted and counted some more, and I cannot find anything off. So, in a fine personal tradition, I'm going to just add a spare stitch to each side of the arch and call it a "customization." :)

I also did a very little bit on Midsummer Night Designs Quaker Meetinghouse:
Midsummer Night Designs-- Quaker Meetinghouse

And finally I have finished the halves of a biscornu for the Wiehenburg yahoo group exchange. It's done in DMC and powwow beads :) Here's the front:

Since it's half-way through the month I feel a progress check is in order. May's goals were:
1. Finish 2 needlepoints -- any two needlepoints, just finish the dang things! ------ haven't even unearthed one!
2. Find (and start) Sweetheart Tree's fruit of the Vine hearts ----- haven't found them yet
3. progress on Vierlanden... let's aim for page 10 done, shall we! ----- a teensy bit of progress
4. Finish the Quaker SAL -- Blackbird Designs My Quaker House ------ a lot of progress made!!!
5. Do the finishing on all the ornies I have done to date. ------ lol Does moving them from pile to pile count?6. Complete the Weihenburg Group Biscornu Exchange piece and mail it EARLY!
7. Stitch 3 new ornies ----- lol, yeah, right
8. Finish the final (?) CSRR Christmas RR. ----- nope, not yet
9. Read 2 books --- I've finished Pratcehtt's Going Postal and Wolfe's The Black Mountain
10. Clear my hovel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -------- ROTFLOL
11. Start a chapter. ---- any minute now

Recently finished: Rex Stout's The Black Mountain -- fun as usual, but it must be a fluke that the last 3 Wolfes I've read have all had him leaving the house. Also, I must say I'm a little flummoxed by he fact that I can watch every crime show on television and happily enjoyed the new Casino Royale, but the tame torture scene in Black Mountain was thoroughly disconcerting. Possibly I was set off my game by the image of Wolfe in shabby clothing hiking through the mountains of Montenegro.
Also recently finished: Terry Pratchett's Going Postal -- I do love Pratchett and this was no exception --- I mean one minute you're hanged and the next your made head of the post office? lol
Currently reading: Pratchett's The Truth
Still wishing I could find: Zelazny's This Immortal
Damn I lost another one: Butcher's Storm Front


Kathryn said...

My Quaker House is lovely. The colors are gorgeous.

Sandy said...

Great job on them all, love the beads. TFS

tkdchick said...

All of your projects look fantastic!

Thanks so much for your support through my cancer scare!

Kathryn said...

Yes, Ruth, if you are in California you probably have been to at least one of the science fiction conventions I am involved in. I'm on the SCIFI Board of Directors (we just ran the Worldcon in Anaheim. I ran the Hugo Ceremony.) I am a regular program participant at Loscon and Conjecture. I'm also on the boards of Baycon (in the San Francisco Bay Area), Westercon 60, and Westercon 61 (Las Vegas).

Kathryn said...

Well, that settles THAT. We will definitely meet up at Loscon this year. Milt Stevens is running programming.

Thanks for the kind words about the Hugos. I'm afraid all most people will remember is Harlan Ellison (who I had NO control over). I did have fun getting all the music and cutting clips for the winners.

Wawanna said...

Who cares about what you didn't get done, cause what you have accomplished is awesome!!!! The biscornu is terrific with the beads & you sampler is stunning!