Monday, May 28, 2007

Wanna know what I'm doing?

.... to recover from the first ever coffee drink I've had.....
5/28/2007 the remnants

The women from my church's quilting group very kindly volunteered to make quilts for my sister and I from mom's fabrics. My beloved, anal sister spent 2+ weeks cutting squares every day. I have put it off.... until yesterday. The above is the tailings pile. Here's work central cutting central
And here's what I still have to go the quilt square potential pile 3am 5/28/2007
The gap in the box was made by cutting two squares from every fabric from midnight until 7am. Think it might take a while to finish the bin? lol


Sandy said...

Good luck to you Ruth.

Amy said...

LOL, sounds like a fun job! How nice of the church ladies to make quilts for ya'll!

CraftyPretender said...

that looks amazing.... going to be a ton of work but what a labout of love!