Monday, November 20, 2006

STRIP for 2006

STRIP List {Stash Reduction Implementation Plan}
Stitcher's Exchange
CSRR Fantasy RR2
CSRR Christmas RR
12-14 ornies
mustard kimono needlepoint
Radko RWB star
M Designs personalized sampler
2 biscornus

4 ST Fruit of the Vines
2 inserts for needlepoint clock
N&T pillow
Vierlanden Mystery Sampler by Martina Dey
Personalized sampler by Nouveau Encore
30 ornies
patriotic thing for Tigg
Mirabila RR
house RR
12 biscornus
Chatelaine Egyptian Mandala Garden

Should I make a reading STRIP-ish plan? Let's call it a book a month shall we. Currently I'm reading:
Connie Willis' Fire Watch short story collection (she's a wonder, did you know?)
Marilynne Robinson's Gilead

What I'm listening to:
Terry Pratchett's Mort -- he's brilliant
Pratchett's Thud -- simply brilliant

What I wish I was reading:
1. some of Glen Cook's Garrett, PI series
2. a Chelsea Quinn Yarbro something or other
3. a Jack McDevitt novel
4. lots of Irish things

What I want to listen to soon:
1. something by Tony Hillerman
2. a Nero Wolfe..... God I love Archie! lol

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