Saturday, November 04, 2006

Making Plans

Part of an addictive personality is, at least for me, the need to make lists. I always feel best when I have a list. I'm possibly happiest making a list. There's nothing quite so satisfying as a good list. :) Mind you, the busier I am, the more likely I am to never consult my carefully crafted list. Go figure.

Today's list.... I think it needs to be on stitching for the near-ish term and for a longer-term Campaign of Accomplishemnt.

What needs doing immeditately:
  1. The last few mini fishes and the kelp of a mermaid RR
  2. The sled of a Christmas RR (I probably should do the part just behind the "reinmice" but that section includes this little elf child which kinda gives me the creeps. Someday we'll come bck to the topic of stitching that gives me/us the creeps.)

What needs to be done pretty darn quick:
  1. I have 14 ornies to stitch for Christmas.
  2. The final 5-7 hours of work on a small needlepoint kimono for a friend -- I can't seem to find the perfect threads for the remaining sections. Don't you just hate that?

What I really want to be doing:
  1. My M Designs personalized sampler from Mary's Totally Marvelous Class at the Pals Fall Fling
  2. Biscornus --- I'm entranced by these!
  3. Designing and starting a sampler for a friend
  4. Designing the motifs I'd like included on a personalized sampler by Nouveau Encore Designs. Why? It'll take me 3 years to do this... possibly 7 given my propensity to get bored. And I sort of told my sister I'd do her's. I may be insane! lol
  5. Playing in my new xs designing software

So, today's goal: finish the mermaid RR, start the Christmas RR, and celebrate this evening with 2 hours of Mary's sampler stitching! :) Ahhh bliss. I might even celebrate again tomorrow by spending a couple hours inputting me pencil sketch plans for the gift sampler mentioned above into my new program. More bliss.

Wish me luck!

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