Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another day, another office.

Yeah, working again. If you work every day it's really tough first of all to tell the days apart and second of all to understand life without working every day. What would I do without the consistency??? lol Yeah, I'd still like to try.

Hot news: I finished the mermaid RR!!!!!!!!! My kelp is done. My kelp is done!!!!! Woo hoo, my kelp is done! I celebrated this grand accomplishment this morning at 2am with a half hour of stitching on my M Designs sampler. I got in half of "F," my rocket, and half a crepe myrtle tree (yes, it was supposed to be an orange tree, but suddenly last night/this morning I realized I didn't have the colors for an orange tree, but I did have the colors for the crepe myrtle mom picked out this spring :) . I only got a half hour of "celebrating" in before I realized I was having my eyes closed more often than open and when they were open I was busy being grumpy that there was nothign good on to watch. So I gave in and went to bed.

Tonight begins the Christmas RR campaign. Let's all cheer shall we --- I just know I'll fly right through the sled bit that I want to do. Yes, fastest stitching I've ever done!!!! Go, team, go!!!! It has to be fast sttiching because it needs to get mailed.....NOW, and I need to get back to work on my stitcher's exchange piece. I've been avoiding the fiddly little bits of that which I have left. Really, that won't take long either, honest!

For a little more humor from Blogthings:

Your Russian Name Is...
Duscha Svetlana Popov

The funny thing about this is in Russian, that wasn't my name. And, I gotta say, I liked mine better. :)

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