Monday, November 13, 2006

Stop me before I join again.

So my recent sampler compulsion may be getting out of hand. First I planned (and am still planning) my order and my sister's order for personalized samplers from Nouveau Encore, then I took Mary of M Designs personalized sampler class at the Cross Stitch Pals Fall Fling last month. Then last week I joined the yahoo group "The Sampler Life." Yesterday I joined yahoo's Weihenburg Samplers group. Today from the Weihenburg group, I joined Vierlanden Mystery Sampler. Wanna see the teaser for the sampler?????........
vierlanden mystery sampler 2006
See? I need an intervention. lol

Ok, back to cleaning I have a corner of the living room and a cabinet in the kitchen to get through between now and tomorrow at 5-ish pm when I head off to the train station to go back to L.A. I was planning aon staying until Tuesday for a few hours today until Lebnnie pointed out I'd be back this Thursday with my sister and BIL. And I'd be here for a whole week then. Silly me! I thought I had another week before they arrived for Thanksgiving.

Sigh.... clutter, here I come!

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