Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy, happy, happy!!!!!!!!!

On the train to mom's today I finished the backstitching on my Christmas RR. Yahoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's done, it's done, it's DONE!!!!!! I suppose that when I get back to work, the next pack of RRs will arrive on my desk instantly. They are due at any point. :) Oh well. Now on to my exchange piece. .... I'd tell you what it was, but then I'd have to kill you.

Well, I'm here to clean and prep and organize so the place isn't a disaster when my sister and BIL arrive for Thanksgiving. My packing and alleged organizing foiled my sister's plans last time she was out so this time I really need to be out of her way. I hadn't realized how many books I had sorted out for donating last month when I was here. I suppose I'll need to try a run to the library while I'm home. Oh and I need to remember to take the rest of the cookbooks I'm donating back with me to L.A. God bless the head of the Science and Patents division of the LAPL for being willing to try adding my cookbooks to their collection-- and not giving me lip about it either. I try to tell "my" librarians, be nice to your donors, and bo I can't tell you how nice (and rare) it is to find places that are nice to donors. And these institutions wonder why hermit-like-widow-raising-57-cats never leave them their secret stash fo $68 million in her will.... they were probably ungracious to her on the phone one time when she tried to donate something.

off soapbox... temporarily

Hey, guess what?! The neighbor who essentially accused me of be idiotic, heartless, and cruel is speaking to me again. I guess either absence makes the hert grow fonder or he decided I wasn't really trying to kill his cat afterall. :)

My train got in around 3:30 and Lennie kindly picked me up. We toddled off to the bank (so I can pay the gardener) and then to Barnes and Noble (there was this thing I simple had to get for Chris.... and I did! Of course, for some reason I got me one too, and a book on pigeons [someday I'll explain], and two of the big, annual reviews of spas for work-- one for my office and one for Chicago. I really should have gotten one for SF. sigh) Then we dined at Ruby's who makes darn fine burgers. I let Lennie chose in honor of her impending bday. It was quite a feat to get to dinner since my completely insane mall (that wouold be the Galleria at Tyler in case you want to make a list of completely and utterly asinine developers) started construction projects along about one-third of the parking areas of the mall. The parking structure is mostly closed, two main sections of the parking lot are closed (one of the closures cuts off access around the mall so you have to exit the lot to get to the other side of the mall). Can you imagine? They are only just beginning construction and it's Christmas shopping season!!!! COMPLETE MORONS!!!!!!!!!!! This summer when they started the work there was already no parking, now it's Christmas for Heavens sake!!!!! The men (cause you know it had to be men who planned this) who scheduled this should be forced to drive shuttle buses to the mall all day long, 7 days a week, until the second week of January. Did I mention they are UTTER AND COMPLETE MORONS???? Yeah, I hate stupid people.

Ok, I'm going to go clean something. Wish me luck!

P.S. Too funny -- I swear I didn't look anything up and I didn't change any answers:

You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!

Hmmm... possibly...

You Were a Coyote

Brutally honest, you encourage people to show their true selves.

You laugh at life - none of it can be taken too seriously.

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