Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stuff and nonsense

Greetings all. How's your week going? Mine's insane. Nothing new there.

I can finally take a minute to report that I had a "finishing weekend" last weekend. You know I don't know why I put it off -- then again I have to say I really like getting a whole bunch of finishing done at one time. Somehow it seems like a real accomplishment then. I can only share part of the finishing though. Sure there's a reason, and you're probably smart enough to figure it out. I mean you strike me as being quite bright.

For the time being, here's what I can show you --
4_06_2008 002

I even did a little stitching. Chris found where I waws off in the heart for her RR, but taking it out meant losing four shamrocks and since I'd alredy taken out two I just couldn't face all that ripping.
4_06_2008 034
I adjusted the wines so that when Chris gets it back she can put in her beads without losing any of those. Chris is doing her own beadin gbecause she's a beading goddess.... or was that beading diva? lol Sorry, Chris, I couldn't resist. Honest to pete, she does the best beading though. Her beads will never wiggle!

Oh, I owe you a picture of a little bday prezzie from my office stitching buddy --
4_04_2008 027
I might start it right away since I have the handle on stitching those shamrocks at the moment.

I want to thank you all for dropping in and for those of you who take the time to comment, an even bigger thanks! May you all have a peaceful day. I always wish folks a peaceful day because I always want one myself. I can give numerous examples of how you don't always get what you want. hee hee
Currently reading: Butcher's Storm Front (yeah, still); Rex Stout's If Death Ever Slept (bless Elaine for her thoguhtful bday prezzie!); Jasper Fforde's The Fourth Bear


Lani said...

Your shamrocks are beautiful even if you had to fudge them a little. Congrats on the finish!

Barbara said...

The shamrocks ... rock! ;) And these sort of changes to a pattern count as personalization, IMHO! :D

Mel said...

barbara's right - creative personalization. I usually have some of them in all my pieces I stitch - hehehe :) Love the pattern your coworker got for you! Happy Birthday BTW.

Chris said...

Love the heart..... it turned out beautiful, and your signature is perfect (see, you can stitch a 2-square high sigi).

I've had the Shamrock scissor fob in my stash since that pattern was introduced .... actually contemplated stitching it for you ... but alas, that didn't happen.

Great finishes on the ornies .... love the bottom sheep with the jingle bell.


tkdchick said...

That shamrock heart is lovely. Nice job on the finishing.

Since when did MH bills come in tubes?

Itching To Stitch said...

The finish on your ornaments is great ;)

Cheryl said...

Great finishing! I always put it off too but then enjoy it when i have a lovely finished item!
The shamrock heart is lovely :)

Michele said...

glad you worked out the issues with the shamrock heart .. I love it finished! Nice ornament finishes .. how many are you bringing to MB this year??

karen said...

great finishes Ruth! how many coming to MB this year? I am going to get working on mine here soon. So your comment on my blog as well, almost done with Rose Sampler, hopefully tonight. Then on to some MB challenge pieces as well.

Chiasmata said...

Looks like you had a productive finishing day. I save up finishing bouts for a day too. There's nothing like rolling up your sleeves and sitting down to complete stuff.

Cute shamrock heart. There's nothing wrong with a bit of variation in life. :)