Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The cow is done!!!!!

Woo hoo.. have a happy dance on me! Americow is done!!!
3_30_2008 001 Mind you I had to stay up until 2:30am to finish the other night (I believe that until I got to bed it's still "night." Once I awake if can commence with being "morning."). She's done. She's done. She's DONE!!!!! Wooo hooo. Finishing the cow somehow left me with this overwhelming desire to get back to work on the Halloween Fairy. She's sitting on the flooring pouting in my direction still stuck at the "I-think-I-figured-out-the-color-and-thread-changes" stage:
12_02_2007 009
Heavens! I haven't worked on her since before Christmas. No wonder I'm having fairy withdrawls! lol

I've even made progress on Chris' Society RR --
3_30_2008 008
Even more's done now but I had to make a trip for DMC500. Sigh. Yes, THE standard green was missing from my floss box, and I didn't have a spare skein in my overflow bag. Sigh. I did spend two nights winding bobbins and checkign suppies. Now, instead of having two large zippie bags of spare DMCs, I only have one moderately-sized one. Frankly I have a great sense of accomplishment from that. Pathetic, isn't it? lol

Finally, because I was a dork who left her stitching at home one day, I got some time in on HiH's Herbert who is my emergency office stitching --
3_281_2008 012

I want to thank you all very, very much for helping me think through the needlepoint framing/matting dilemna. You're right, I really do need to mat it. At the moment I'm leaning (unadvisable so from a financial standpoint lol) to tripple matting -- white then blue (or pink) then white. We'll seee what ultimately looks good. Then again my sister has a stunning framer so I might turn the whole job over to her. Afterall, she should like her bday present, right? lol


Kathryn said...

I love your Americow. I should stitch one for my cow crazy niece. But if I get half the things I have stitched for her finished or framed, she will have plenty of stitchy goodness for next Christmas.

Yes, bunches of SF in the Amazon order. First, The Yiddish Policemen's Union: A Novel by Michael Chabon and Rollback by Robert Sawyer. Both for the Hugo nominations. I'm not much looking forward to these, as MUCH, MUCH better novels did not make the final ballot. But I will read them so I can talk about them at Baycon and vote. Then a few Greg Egan short stories and hopefully the next Patrick Rothfuss novel will arrive here before I leave for Maui on the 10th. You can check what I am reading on my LibraryThing list on the right side of my blog. Everything I have read since April 6, 2007, is there and most have reviews. I've read 112 books since then and will probably read another couple before April 7. 2008.

Chiasmata said...

Congrats on the happy dance! Americow looks brilliant.

I'm horrible when it comes to framing. I always start of with the exact image of what I want to do... then by the end it's completely different! In framing my latest finish I've gone from double matt to none... but I might now go single matt. Who knows! :P

Kendra said...

I love Americow! Great finish!

I'd talk to the framer, since they often have great ideas for framing particular pieces. When we (my mom and I) have professional framing to do, we take it to the Michael's store where my parents live. One of the framers there really knows her stuff - especially with needlework pieces - and they always come out looking wonderful.

tia Glória said...

obrigado pela sua visita. Os seus trabalhos são lindos

cathymk said...

I love Americow! She's just adorable!

Vonna said...

Hurray the cow is done...and cute she is :)
You need to work on the fairy...she's missing some legs :)
And I love Herbert...sorry you forgot the stitching, but I bet Herbie was happy to get some lovin'

Barbara said...

Americow is a lot of fun - congratulations!

Itching To Stitch said...

Congratulations on finishing your cow, he looks great. Halloween Fairy is looking a bit lonely, better get working on her ;)

karen said...

Americow looks great! my kitchen is decorated in cows ;) your other wips are looking good too. I have the Fairy to do as well, haven't even thought about starting her yet. hugs

Sonda in OR said...

Way to go! It's so nice to have a finish here and there! Love the cow! Can't wait to see the fairy all done!

Michele said...

I'm happy dancing with ya gf! what a cute cow :)

glad to see your thinking about working on that fairy .. we hate when fairies are lonely :(

Lelia said...

Congrats on finishing up your cow. So cute!! Your other projects are coming along well, too.

Janaina said...

Oh my God! The Americow is so darling! The snow little guy is ging to be great too! Cant wait to see!
Jeez... I thought I was a serial starter!:O)

Janaina said...

Oh my God! The Americow is so darling! The snow little guy is ging to be great too! Cant wait to see!
Jeez... I thought I was a serial starter!:O)

tkdchick said...

That little cow is a cutie!