Monday, April 21, 2008

I have wing!

My fairy is looking a little more corporeal after some time spent on the inside of her wing this weekend --
4_20_2008 077
4_20_2008 081
I think I will go back over the teal parts of the wing spots and make then actual "x" stitches. I was working in some bad lighting and hadn't really noted how sketchy the coverage was. Oh well.... what's a couple more hours on a wing here and there?

So sorry ya'll couldn't make it to the powwow this weekend. It was a simply beautiful weekend for it! I actually left powwow before the end because I got cold. lol I know that makes not sense to those of you who picked up MORE snow this weekend, but in CA mid-April could be 80+ degrees. We had sunshine and light winds -- enough to blow some vendors around and whip the flags quite nicely --
4_20_2008 002
You really should have been there. You'd have had fun -- shopping, sunshine, fry bread, ahhhh the joy.

Oh, and in other happy news I came back to stash in the mail.
4_20_2008 086
4_20_2008 090
That definitely improves a Monday no end.
Just finished: Jim Butcher's Storm Front -- now I know why the Harry Dresden book fans were so pissy about the Dresden Files on the SciFi Channel.
Currently in process: Rex Stout's If Death Ever Slept; Jasper Fforde's The Fourth Bear
Thinking about starting: Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light; Charline Harris' Dead until Dark; Hal Clement's Mission Gravity; or any one of a dozen more. So many choices!


Amy said...

Hey Ruthie! Ray is starting to read the Jim Buther Dresden Files books... he just got the first one. FINALLY, something to buy him now & then! ;-)

Glad you enjoyed your weekend too! :-) Hugs!

Amy said...

OOps, that should say "Jim Butcher"... my fingers are faster than my brain tonight! ;)

Barbara said...

Oh boy, that's some great new stash! And I love your wing. :D

Mel said...

Hi Ruth! Your fairy's wing is looking great! Love the colors. Keep the pictures coming. What was this Powwow thing going on?

Sonda in OR said...

I really like this design. She's looking great!

Itching To Stitch said...

Your Halloween Fairy looks super ;)

tkdchick said...

What a lovely wing it is! Do you have pictures of the dancers or did you not take pictures out of respect?

Michele said...

Halloween Fairy is looking great! She's going to look really good next to Chris' Christmas Fairy, hanging on my wall *lol*

Looks like you had great fun at the Powwow!

Sharon said...

HF looks wonderful!

Chris said...

Halloween Fairy is definitely looking great. Keep up the wonderful work. Are we really giving Michele Halloween Fairy and Christmas Elf Fairy to hang on HER wall. Hmmmmmm?

Glad you had fun at the powwow.

Cheryl said...

Your fairy is coming along nicely! Great stash - the more i see of Bygone stitches designs the more i want some in my stash :)