Monday, December 17, 2007

This still depressed badger....

... can share some finishing returns -- Note please before barraging me with comments about prolificness that only the first two are mine!!!!!!!

Six Pack from the Charley Harper painting of the same name:
Charley Harper -- Six Pack

Elizabeth Designs Nature's Alphabet (the first one) with adjustments:
Elizabeth's Designs -- Nature's Alphabet with adjustments
12_13_2007 005
12_13_2007 007

Ad, no, I have no where to hang these so currently they are propped up on my desk. Good thing I kinda cleaned the counter huh? lol

Now here are my buddy Judy's
Judy's Elizabeth's Designs Nature's Alphabet
Judy's Egypt
Judy's Eagle
Judy's Native American
Judy's wreath
Judy's kitchen

Yes, friend Judy sent me to Raleigh with all those rolled in a tube. UPS made a small fortune in mailing them back to us flat -- thanks Chris who facilitated the shipping!!!!!

I have other stuff to show, but I don't have time to hunt the photos after all the time finding Judy's herd! lol

COUNTDOWN TO WASHINGTON, DC -- OMG a day and a half!!!!! ACCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankful for international traveling sisters and BILs who can help me plan my trip to DiscworldCon 2008 in Birmingham, England. Come and join me!

Also thankful for being basically done with my Christmas cards!!!!! Yahoo!!!! It's a frickin Christmas miracle!!!!!! I never finish until 1/1 at the earliest. lol Honest.
Recently finished: Rex Stout's Over My Dead Body -- I love Nero Wolfe! I'd marry Archie in a heartbeat although he'd have nothing to do with me since I wouldn't be one for the Flamingo Room.
Almost done: Green's The Man with the Golden Torc -- honest. The problem is I don't want it to end!!!!
On the pile to pack: Butcher's Storm Front --- and I'm holding out for the replacement copy of Zelazny's This Immortal to arrive in the mail tomorrow.... cross your fingers with me, please.


Barbara said...

That Charley Harper design is absolutely incredible! I have a number of his small cross stitch designs, but I've never seen this one. WOW!!!

Sonda in OR said...

I love that Nature's's on my someday... list (LOL) You did a great job on it! And the wolves...very nice!

tkdchick said...

even if they're not all yours, they're beautiful!

Sharon said...

They are all beautiful!