Monday, December 10, 2007

Progress progress progress

No, I have not found the ornaments. #*($&#()$*#^$#&@ Tonight I am going home and praying to both Sts. Anthony and Christopher (thank you gentle readers for the kind suggestions) and hoping for the best. Please continue to cross your fingers -- after all, your ornie might be one of the missing ones. lol

On Saturday night I went from blank jobelan to:
ST Champagne in progress 12/08/2007

At lunch today I installed some grapes:
Champagne as of 12/10/2007
Hee hee -- Champagne, barring unfortunate incidents, will be done tonite!!!! One more Christmas prezzie done!!! Done done done.... ooo I can hardly wait!

In case you can't tell I'm suffering from near-terminal perkiness. Since Friday I've just been a bundle of perky. I put it down too really good cookies at my corporate visit to Minolta's city headquarters to visit their suggested new machine for the office.... they fed us lunch which included these truly wonderful chocolate chip cookies. Somehow though I doubt the sugar high lasted all weekend. The buzz was almost, but not quite done in by stupidity from one of my offices this morning. What is it about the word "no" that people have such difficulty with? "No you can't do that." Is that beyond the ken of the average person these days? Do you think you're entitled to do/have anything you want just because you want/need it? It's never really worked that way in the long history of man walking upright so what makes you think it'll work for you now? I know, I know. Philosophical waxing never solved anything.

Anyway, I think this weekend's perkiness was do to how very much I got accomplished on the desk. Now, before I unveil the look of the office as of 9pm last night when I left, you should know that some of those piles are new and are replacing piles that I completed over the weekend! lol Honest!
You know, now that I view it from a day's absence, it really doesn't look all that good, does it? Sigh. I got serious piles out though, you have to believe me on that. Maybe this week with be the charm! Heaven knows it has to look better when I get all these Christmas presents that are littering up the place mailed.

Countdown to D.C. Departure: 10 Days!!!!!!! OMG, I've done no planning yet!!!!

Ohhh! Before I forget -- who's with me for a SAL on the new Lizzie Kates for 2008 -- the flip-itty-like "Doubles"----
Come on, you know you love them. I'm figuring I'll set up a SAL blog in the next week or so :) I just love these.


Kathryn said...

Maybe you need to start looking for something else. That's the way to find missing things.

Yup, ten days to Lexington, Kentucky, and my husband hasn't even asked for their present requests because he has nothing on his list. This is going to be a slow...slow Christmas. Meanwhile we have the CookieFest (Thursday) and Vegas Fandom Holiday Party (Saturday) to get ready for. Ordered the food today. Cleaners come on Wednesday. Now just to start the decorations!

Sweet Pea said...

You're really making progress on the office!

Chris said...

Sarah had signup sheet for the 2008 LK Double-Flips tonight at LNS. I was the first to signup (because she started the signup sheet from the end of the table where I was sitting of course), so I'll be getting them as they come in during 2008.

In other words.... SIGN ME UP.

Barbara said...

Perkiness. A trait I've seen in others, but never actually experienced. I'll need to eat more chocolate chip cookies! ;)

I really hope you find your missing ornaments!!

Michele said...

I don't think I've ever seen you anything but perky! congrats on all the progress on the wine stitching and on your desk!

bummer about the ornaments .. I'll send you some positive thoughts that you'll find them soon!

Amy said...

Did you look in the middle of the floor like I said!? LOL And yes, I'm joining your LK SAL Blog... I LOVE these LK's. I heard from Alan (aka Mr. LK) and they're due to ship the week of Christmas as of now. I have fabric & threads on the way to DSL already. I'm planning to be PREPARED!

Hugs dear Ruthie!!

Shelleen said...

love those new LK flip its.

Courtney said...

Please sign me up for this LK project! I just finished the 2007 FlipIts, and I wish I had waited for these instead!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Oh, yeah, perky...I remember that word when they used to describe me that way, eons ago!! Now, I think they'd say I'm a gentle woman moving with grace!!! LOL
Sorry about your ornies...RATS!!!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

PS: Ruth, I love your LKs and think it's awesome for a SAL, but my "dance ticket" is so full right now, I can't even think about it!! Good luck, though. It's just darling.