Saturday, December 08, 2007

Another one down-- yippie!

ST Fruit of the Vine 3 -- Rose
The Rose heart is complete! Only one left. Happy dancing here in LaLaLand!!! Only one more left to be ready for Christmas for the sister..... mind you I need to figure out where I put the white jobelan that I stitched the first three on in order to cut a square for #4.

This leads me to my next point (and seemingly always "the next point" in my life)-- I'm terribly happy to have gotten it done, but it's played holy heck with cleaning duties. Today I have been a dedicated desk cleaner for 11 hours so far. I can see a lot more of the counter, but the piles that remain are a lot messier. And oh, oh, oh I have to do office bills. I hate doing bills. It's not even my money and I hate doing them. Ick. And I really need to get back to ornie finishing, but, and here's a major big-time but for you, I seem to have misplaced ALL my ornies that were awaiting finishing! For months the pile's been, well, right there. Trust me, right..... There. And now the silly things are no where to be found. It's like a few months ago when for all the dressing at Thanksgiving dinner I couldn't find my bag of stuffing. I found it about two weeks ago after having gotten a new bag of stuffing and using it to finish a couple dozen ornies. I am *not* going to test the theory that if I restitch the 20+ ornies that are missing that the original pile will magically reappear. Tonight I begin tearing The Hovel apart. Wish me luck in my search.

Leaving aside my natural essence of chaos (possibly I should live n Amber? Go ahead, call me Dara. lol If you get the allusion, we should talk. If you don't, nevermind.), I was still rewarded for my ST finsih with goodies by Mr. Mailman who brought me my latest order from Vicki Clayton
new Vicki Claytons

And, look at this beauty!!! This is from MicheleNE as part of Simone's Ornament Exchange
Simone's Exchange 2007 -- from Michele in KS

Don't forget to go check out Sweet Pea's Bride's Ornament SAL. I think it's a great opportunity for my sister, nephew and family, or one of my oldest friends to get a whole collection of ornies for Christmas next year. Oh dear, it's sounding a bit like a 3-year project for me, huh? Silly me.
Quote of the day-- for Closer fans --
Just hand me the damn angel!
Fritz -- The Closer
Currently reading: Neil Gaiman's Stardust. That man has an interesting mind and a wonderful ability for expression. Hey, didn't that get to be a movie this year. Ooo, ooo, maybe i can talk my sister into renting it! lol I could actually see a movie released this year!!! lol


Barbara said...

I joined the Bride's Tree SAL - thanks so much for providing the link! It's going to be a lot of fun. I don't know if I'll get around to making actual sets of ornaments for friends/family (LOL!) but it will be very nice to make a set for us. Maybe a set for each of the kids ... ;)

Chiasmata said...

That is such a beautiful ornament you received in the exchange. I really adore the ribbon finishing, I'll have to try that myself.

Congrats on the cleaning! I can't do days of cleaning. I just let it build up... and build up, until one day, like yesterday, I'll get sick of it and start putting things away. Suddenly, it's two hours later and I'm sorting pens... It's kinda scary.

tkdchick said...

Your ST finish is lovely!

And what a beautiful ornament you received! Say a prayer to St. Christopher and you'll find those ornies!

Chris said...

WOW!!!! You whipped out the #3 heart fast. Your needle is flying sister. The ornament you received is beautiful, love the way it's finished.

Good luck in finding the stack of stitched ornaments, I know you'll find them.

Sweet Pea said...

Those hearts are just gorgeous! Your sister is going to love them!

I'm not all that religious, but I swear by St. Anthony for finding lost stuff. Last week, I couldn't find 5 books of Christmas stamps. I tore the house AND my car apart looking for them. Could. Not. Find. Them. I said my usual prayer to St. Anthony, and VOILA!! Found. On top of a box in a closet and I can't for the life of me remember putting them there. But there they were. Not once has he ever failed me.

Sharon said...

Love the finish-very pretty! Congrats.