Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Found `em!!!!!!!!!!

Miracle of miracles (actually, disaster of disasters..... you should have seen the piles that got rearranged in the process of finding the ornies!)!!!! The ornies have come hoe to roost. Thank you stitchers and Saints. I not only found the ornies waiting for finishing, but I got 2 finished last night:

And I also ... FINISHED HEART #4 !!!!! They're done. They're done. They're done!
ST Fruit of the Vine #4 -- Champagne
I'm done. I'm done. I'm done. Happy happy. Done done!

Guess you know that the choice I had today at lunch was between making headway on one of the projects already started and languishing for attention or starting something new. You did know it had to happen-- I started something new. But in my defense, I started something that *needed* starting -- my Fair Square for Laura. Here's the floss toss on it -- I can't really reveal more....
Laura Fair Square Floss Toss

Oh, did I mention that in the last two days I've gotten half done with my Christmas cards? I guess this perkiness thing is really handy! In which case I wish you all perkiness!!!!!!
Currently reading: Ursula K. LeGuin A Wizard of Earthsea (never read it before-- hoping for hte best); Green's The Man with the Golden Torc
Recently finished: Gaiman's Stardust -- very fun, very quirky, very Gaiman. Definitely an adult fairy-tale.


Barbara said...

Hooray!! So glad you found 'em!

Amy said...

Woohooo! I'm glad you found them Miss Perky! Just what you need, another "name", huh Ruthie? ;-) Your ST hearts are all beautiful... I'm sure sister will like them very much! Chat soon my friend! Hugs!

Amy said...
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Sweet Pea said...

See? St. Anthony - he ALWAYS comes through!!! Wonderful finishes!

(And don't be wishing any perkiness on me, young lady! I'll take coffee over perkiness any day. LOL)

Nic said...

Well done on the finishes, and finding your ornies!

Michele said...

yipeeeee you found them!!! and those first two finishes are drop dead cute!

sooo how are you going to finish the wine hearts??

Shelleen said...

woohoo!!! the ornaments were found and so cute. I aso love the heart.

Cheryl said...

You have been busy!! Lovely ornies :)

Chiasmata said...

I`m glad you found your finishing pile! My pile has been growing this week - better get my finishing hat on this weekend.

Your hearts are beautiful designs, and have fun with your new start.

Sharon said...

Glad you found your ornaments! Everything is beautiful!