Friday, November 09, 2007

Thank you each and every one :)

Your blogiversary wishes are most kind.

I'll need mailing details and color likes and pattern hatreds from:
Amy.... well, Amy, I know all about you. You'd like something in medium pink on a pale pink fabric ... lol
and... drum roll for the lucky draw..... Michele.

It really will be a joy to PIF on behalf of ya'll !

On the stitching front the Semi-Secret M-Designs personalized sampler is flying along. I just love working with this pattern. It's like a favored toy -- can't wait to get it out and play with it again. Of course since it's semi-secret I can't show it to you-- not yet anyway.

I can share a couple things that have made it to/from me though. Vicki has received the squares I did for her and I have mine from her. It seems we're both pleased-- Lord knows I am!
from Vicki for lucky ole me:
Fair and Square from Vicki round 3

for Vicki from me:
Fair and Square Round 3 for Vicki

In other Badger Stitching News, I worked a couple weeks ago at my local needlepoint shop... isn't it pretty?
Yes, that's a fan on the kickstool in the middle of the floor -- seems a team of bandits came along the strip mall in the middle of the night and stole most of the air conditioning units off the roof of the building including the one for the shop. Sheesh. Sure, we also have palm tree thefts out here all the time, but stealing 4-5 commercial-size air conditioning units off the top of a roof in the middle of the night is awfully brazen!

My time at the shop was fun and educational. first, for those of you all stressed about the closing of Needle Necessities, you should comfort yourself. Former NN dyers have opened their own company, Thread Worx, and are dying beautifully -- see the sample of existing NN colors and the TW alternatives --
NN and Thread Worxs
Nice work, don't you think?

The other educational bit is something we all need to remember (and can understand)-- If you are going to lie to your significant other about how much your hobby costs, then never, NEVER, EVER send s/he to the shop to pick up and pay for your stash/finishing. NEVER!!!! Sheesh. We had a DH in full meltdown mode because he "knew" what his wife had been quoted for the finishing of the tallis bag and the figure he was being told to pay was not it. A call to the wife finally settled it, but I thought he was going to call the cops and charge us with evil business dealings before she got on the phone.
Things to be thankful for: stitching buddies!

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Sharon said...

The squares both sent and received are great! The dragon is really cute. Will look forward to seeing your pif gifts.

Barbara said...

Some beautiful stitching there, Ruth! :)

I have to laugh about the DH who freaked out at the bill. I mean, that is pretty dumb of the wife in question, isn't it? My own better half has adopted the very wise approach of "what I don't know won't hurt me". LOL!!

Amy said...

Oh can't wait for the PIF, thank you!!!! BUT PINK!? I don't think so my dear Ruthie! lol
And your F&S pieces are great! I'm sure Vicki likes them, but I bet her sis Terry is trying to steal them away! ;-)

All those threads in the shop are great... I could almost "live" there! Too bad it's 3000+ miles away! lol

Vonna said...

I had to giggle over the significant other and the price of framing! LOL! I do all that in secrecy!

The squares you stitched for Vicki and those she stitched for you are CUTE!! Congrats to you both :)

Kathryn said...

My DH just spent $650 on three statues. As we drove away with them in the car I told him, "I guess that means I won't feel badly about ordering $350 in beads and silks from European Cross Stitch to work on Hawaiian Mandala." LOL My husband has never questioned my purchases, but he has wondered when I am going to find time to finish all my stash!

As far as the PIF, I can give you my address at Loscon, but my favorite colors (according to swap-bot) are:

Green, especially grey green; blue, especially Periwinkle; violet, rust

Whatever pattern you choose will be fine.

Barb said...

Both squares are nice. The LNS looks like it would be a nice place to visit. Care to send it our way. There's no LNS around here!

tkdchick said...

Gosh I just love your fair & square block! That dragon is just too cute!

Wow thanks for the fyi on Thread Worx they've done a great job!

Anna van Schurman said...

That's so funny about the woman lying to her husband about the finishing then sending him to pick it up! D'oh.

Shelleen said...

ok so what is PIF?