Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Formerly secret stitching

Hello and happy remains of Wednesday! I'm about to leave after a day of desk destruction. Why is it, do you suppose, that I spend 20 hours over the weekend clearing half the desk only to loose that half by Wednesday and still make no in roads on the other half? I mean I'd understand if I shuffled stuff from side to side... sure that would be like me, but I haven't. I swear. Sigh.

Anyway, I wanted to show you the 3 secret projects I had going on in the weeks leading up to the Pals convention. They are squares I did for Joshua's quilt. The first two are on the quilt and the third is going to be a pillow or something separate for the little darling.
Joshua's square 1
Joshua's square 2
Joshua square 3

And I'd like to announce a VERY BIG UFO happy dance for Shepherd's Bush "shepherds Sheep" shop exclusive kit
11_7_2007 010
This poor beastie has been languishing for about 2 years if not longer. I'm embarrassed to say I hauled it out Monday night and finished him in two hours -- including ironing and camera-hunting time. I'd be humiliated if I had any stitching shame... but I don't! I'll get stuff done when I dang well get it done. lol

I have ornie updates for ya'll but those will have to wait for tomorrow. See ya later!

Final thoughts-- prayers and stable-ground thoughts to Chile. I lived and worked through the Northridge Earthquake and its recovery and I can only suppose it wasn't nearly what our neighbors to the far south are experiencing.

Thankful for having FEMA even if it could use a TON of help.

Recently finished: Rex Stout's Too Many Women -- what can I say, lovely as usual. What I wouldn't give to be drinking buddies with Archie! lol
Dovie Tomasen's Fireside Tales -- a series on Oneida stories that are wonderfully done in their audio version. If you've never heard Native American story telling, I'd recommend it. There's a different sort of cadence to the story when it's told properly and while they are morality tales, they never are as blatant and preachy as most standard American children's stories. I'm not sure that they read as well as they listen though -- they were meant to be heard and I feel IMHO that a significant part of the story is in the cadence.


Michele said...

I do love the squares you stitched for Joshua! and I'm LOL about your Sheep .. I have at least 4 projects just like that .. they would take me no time to finish .. just have to sit and do it! WTG!!!

Barbara said...

Those are such sweet squares you've stitched! That cowboy one looks familiar - I think I must have it rattling around, too. (But unstitched!)

I'm wildly curious now about the Native American oral stories. I'd love to introduce my kids to another - American - source of storytelling. Is there anyplace online where CDs could be ordered?

Vonna said...

What a lovely bunch of squares for charity. I think they are most cute :)
And your SB finish is super too!

Chris said...

Congrats on the SB finish. Can't wait to see the next round of ornaments (goodness girl, you've been whipping out the ornaments).

Wawanna said...

Awesome stitching! Happy Blog anniversary. Congratulations on your finish, it does feel rather good does it not!!!!Now that you are on a great trend, keep it up and forget the desk.