Thursday, November 29, 2007

Catching up and Kathryn's inspiration part 1

Oh so much to catch up with!

Let's see, I owe pictures of completions and progress. I have FINALLY finished my Midsummer Night's Dream "Quaker Meetinghouse"
Midsummer Nights Designs
Midsummer Nights Designs
Midsummer Nights Designs
I've neglected getting a picture of this for a number of days, but trust me, when I finished this I was practically wiggling with happiness. I'm sure you understand! lol

I also finished my ornie for Simone's exchange
Simone's ornie exchange 2007
It's an adjusted version of a Trail Creek Farm piece from one of the JCS ornament issues. I changed the colors, added metallic (thanks to Kathryn for her kind gift of some Treasure Braid which was perfect for this), switched the word from "joyous" to "merry," and added the little JABC cardinal.

As for the progress---
Here's the last LosCon day's progress on Halloween Fairy
Halloween Fairy 11/29/2007
the threads on the left are the ones called for by the pattern for the wings, but they're just a touch too drab for my liking so I'm switching to the Silk n Colors on the right. Like the plan?

Since coming back from LosCon I've also hauled out my Vierlanden and my Quaker a la 6 Mains and made a little progress on each --
Vierlanden 11/29/2007
Quaker a la 6 Mains 11/29/2007

But I really need to get moving on the ST Fruit of the Vines for my sister. Sad to say, they are not inspiring me at the moment.... possibly that has something to do with them being at the backstitching/beading stage right now . lol

Speaking of getting moving, Kathryn inspired me with her post yesterday on trying to get organized and not letting the amount of tasks overwhelm you. I do believe she had my desk (err, whole life, but we'll just tackle the desk for now!) in mind. So I thought I'd try to do a task list (like I do every day) and see how far I got. I think I did pretty decently today-- shock of shocks. Here's the morning panorama:

And here's what the desk looks like now -- I don't get too many kudos though because 1) I worked through lunch and pretty much never left my desk the whole day, and 2) I only had two unexpected interruptions all day (an event that is quite unheard of!).
11_29_2007 evening
11_29_2007 evening
11_29_2007 evening
11_29_2007 evening
11_29_2007 evening

I'm thinking I'll start making desk/floor, and GASP maybe even hovel check-ins weekly features. Maybe then I'll feel incentivized to get stuff the heck out of my area!

We'll get back to Kathryn's inspirations next time. It's back to work on the counter for me!

Quote of the day: "The road to the apocalypse is paved with disposable food containers." Bones
[I can't help it, it just makes me lol.]
Thankful for: Terrie Louise in Tasmania who sent me this lovely thank you for stitching a quilt square for her sister who had a terrible car accident-- Bless you TL-- it was not necessary, but is greatly appreciated!
thank you from TL Taz
Currently reading: Bram Stoker's Dracula (never have read it before, and I think you ought to read one "classic" a year - I'm enjoying it and find it much more modern than I expected it to be. It's also making me itch to start Barbara Hambly's Redfield); Green's The Man with the Golden Torc


Kathryn said...

Oh, Ruth. I said I was getting control of my projects. I didn't say anything at all about my DESK. Are you going to make take before and after pictures? That's just cruel. ;-) Maybe in December. I really want to get to some stitching tomorrow.

I love, love, love the blue thread on the Quaker Meeting House. And the red flower just sets it off perfectly. Of course you should be proud.

Anonymous said...

All of your pieces are stunning, you pick such lovely designs and the colors are so vibrant. I also noticed a framed piece above your desk, very nice.

Sandy said...

Love your finish and progress pics. Wow you sure did a lot of work today. :D Good job for you. TFS

nutmeg5 said...

Congratulations on the beautiful finish, Ruth! The desk pictures made me laugh. You don't want your desk area to be too organized and neat or someone will think that you need more to do :-). I also like your choice of thread change for the Halloween Fairy. I prefer the brighter one also.

Mindi said...

Wow! Your Quaker Meeting house is gorgeous, same with the Vierlanden. I love the colors you've picked. Great job on the ornament, its very cute and I like the changes you made.

Barbara said...

Okay, your desk is going to give me nightmares tonight! ;)

Your stitching is stunning - those are some beautiful projects, beautifully stitched!

Chiasmata said...

Lovely finishes Ruth! I really like the ornament - although I couldn't understand who Mr Eyr was at first - then I read it properly.:P

Good luck with the desk! Mine's currently buried under papers, cardmaking scraps and who knows what else. Getting organised is tough, but stick with it!

Shelleen said...

Love all of your pieces, especially the Halloween Fairy and your choice of threads is perfect.

Cheryl said...

You sure have been busy!! Congratulations on your quaker finish! It really is beautiful.
Your desk made me time my boss complains about mine i might show her the before picture of yours (not the after one though LOL)

Ruth said...

Thank you all !!!!!!

Kathryn -- we could have dueling progress pictures! lol The blue is stormy something or other in Silk n Colors. I think the red, which is really more of a raspberry is one of theirs too. The white is Weeks (whatever they white with beige they always use for snowmen is), and the gold is ... dang, I can't remember the company. The green is beyond my memory too.

Teejay-- why thank you, yes, I do have some framed xs up -- 3 actually. Maybe if I get rid of a few piles I can eve hang more!

Barbara -- sorry about the nightmares -- just imagine what it does to me! lol

Cheryl -- Ahh, just what I've always wanted to be a sage warning to bosses and workers everywhere -- "see it could be so much worse." ROTFLOL