Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy, happy, happy -- LosCon and Stitching

I'm at LosCon. I'm at LosCon. neener neener neener
Ok, so it's not very mature. It's authentic though. lol

When I checked in I was a little dubious of where they told me my room was --- all I could think was "oh, great. A view of the parking lot." But here's what I have:
[Please note that they have not changed the ultra unpeaceful carpet. lol It's kinda like an old buddy now.)
Yup, that there is my own patio with room to amble around, comfy chairs, and a view of the pool
And then I note that I have a view at just the right light angle that is so appropriate to the Con -- remember the alleged face on Mars? Well check out the lady in the patio rock -- lol
LosCon 2007

So far today I've had a grand and successful time. I've paneled (and discovered the person/panelist to be avoided at all costs. OMG Shut up already lady you complete, off-topic yammering git!!!!), I've shopped (see below), and I've stitched (also see below).

The shopping was for books. I mean that is what got me to my first LosCon afterall -- I picked up a Pratchett quotes book (and have already gained several giggles out of it), a new Yarbro (love her), and an Alastair Reynolds volume of two novellas (what can I say, I'm a sucker for short fiction).

As for stitching I can report great progress today on Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy. When I arrived this morning I was here (but the holes in the center of the body were already filled in):
Halloween Fairy 8/30/2007
Tonite at 5:30 I had made it to here:
11_23_2007 5:30pm

Say Barbara -- I have a question for you -- I ran across this in my antique stash pile.
11_21_2007 012
11_21_2007 015
It's on aida and has the threads (but I'd ignore them if I were you because they didn't include all the colors they were supposed to which is what made me so annoyed the day I discovered why I didn't have the "right brown" that I bagged it up and stowed it away). Might it be something you'd like to finish for one of your little angels? If Barbara doesn't want it, does anyone else? It's yours. All you need is a supply of misc browns so you can pick out the appropriate shades.

Wawana -- thanks for the vote on the fabric choice. I like the darker too I think. I'm wondering if I should go darker -- more like a natural linen. Sigh. So many choices!

Well, I'm off to watch Numbers and stitch... then write a memo. Oh the joy of con life!


Cheryl said...

Okay i had to google loscon to see what it was! Hope you're having a fun time! I'd love to have a swim in that pool :)
Your fairy looks're making good progress.
Enjoy your weekend

Barbara said...

Hi Ruth! Not sure if you meant this Barbara or one of the others (I went my whole life without meeting other Barbaras until I discovered the online xs community - where it is quite a popular name!). I have stacks of patterns I'm still trying to get through for my wee beasties, but thank you very much for the thought (if indeed it was me you meant - LOL!).

Your LosCon adventure so far sounds like a lot of fun! Niek would LOVE something like this....

Chiasmata said...

Ah yes, I can see the lady in the rock. :P Have fun at the con! Pratchett quotes sounds like the perfect way to kick things off.

tkdchick said...

Sounds to me like you're having lots of fun!

Shelleen said...

I looked up what LosCon was and sounds like fun. Have a great time. I would love all of those Mirabilia fairies but she has them all in kit form :-(

Mel said...

WOW, Halloween fairy is looking great. I really love those fairies and I hope she does another series of something similar.
I had to google loscon as well. it looks like a lot of fun. It must be awesome to be able to go to something like that