Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Woo hooooo

I was accomplishful last week. Very accomplishful if compared to my usual output. I feel I might someday soon be worthy of all the kind things you all have said (THANK YOU SO MUCH for dropping by and leaving comments!!!!!!) I got these ornies finished:
new ornies as of 10/8/07
And I must say I'm in love with the spool. I do just adore how it came out.

For those of you who have expressed a desire to try a pendibule, I have a helpful hint -- only use soft fabrics for stitching. My linen one went together pretty easily in comparison to the one on potato lugana (in the above photo). The stiff fabric played holy hell with me trying to balance keeping the piece held together while fishing beads out for the edging. Another thought--- unless you have perfect lighting, don't do your closing with a thread that matches the fabric. Sheesh that was a pain!

Aside from the ornies, I finished a long-overdue RR. Yes, Jody, you finally get your Sassies RR back! No more whining! Hallelujah!!!!!!! I'll be able to post a picture of my it when I return from Myrtle Beach -- I'll be delivering it to Jody there and I'd hate to ruin the surprise. Sandy, don't you dare tell her it's coming!

I also got most of an ornament exchange piece done for Martina Dey's Weihenburg Yahoo Group. Can't show you that either. Sorry!

Well, I'm back to the salt mines since this time next week I'll have spent nearly a whole day in Raleigh hanging with Chris! Look out Lazy Daisy, here I come!!!!!!!!!

Quote of the Day: Being useful always gets me into trouble.
Rincewind – in Sourcery by Terry Pratchett
Things to be thankful for: The opportunity to find my office desk........again.


Linen Stitcher said...

I'll second your vote on the spool! I, too, love it. Great finish! Your ornament collection is shaping up quite nicely.

Barbara said...

OHG, those are ADORABLE finishes!!!!!

Wawanna said...

Aren't these the sweetest things ever! You are doing an awesome job, and come Christmas, the tree will be decked out in your finest! Hope you are enjoying your well deserved holiday.

Michele said...

omgosh gf .. STOP STOP STOP!!! lol .. every ornament is wonderful! but you are right .. I love the spool too :)

and NO I'm not ready! lol .. starting to pack tonight .. I leave saturday morning. I don't think I'm bring much to stitch on with the classes we'll have a lot to work on .. I do have a piece for the plane and I'll probably bring my F&S piece to stitch :)

Can't wait to see you!!!

Cheryl said...

More lovely finishing!! Everything looks so great :)

Heather said...

I love the spool, fantastic.