Sunday, October 28, 2007

continuing fun from Myrtle Beach Pals.....

Thank you all for all your kind comments. You should know you'd be welcome at Pals next year. It's usually mid-October and I can promise you'll have such fun. It's off-season in Myrtle Beach so the rooms are very affordable and there's plenty to keep hubbies and children busy while you stash, giggle, gossip, and stitch. I think details are coming soon to

Let's see, I got you up through Grab Bag/Ornament Night. Now on to Saturday night (aka Gift Box Exchange and Stitcher's Showcase)

So, for gift boxes you can bring anything NOT stash related ($15 minimum). You trade your box for a raffle ticket and when your number is called you go up, pick a box, and unwrap it for all to see.... the next person steals or opens a new box, etc, etc. You know, general hysteria reigns supreme as usual.
First, of course, there's lining up in the hall.... a fine Pals tradition:
Pals wait semi-patiently in the hall for gift box night

Then there's the boxes of goodies:
picture 175

I won JayneFL's bag --
Gift Box win from JayneFL
not only is it lovely on its own, but it was filled with chocolate!!!

And some lovely table decorating:
table decorations
Which the Flippers took to the logical extreme (yup, those are flip flop keychains on their glasses and ears):
The Flippers

Joshua hung with us most of the evening and was cuddled constantly by many of his Honorary Aunts. For instnace, yours truly:
me and Baby Josh

Aunt Jody:
Aunt Jody and Baby Josh

Aunt Dawn:
Aunt Dawn and Baby Josh

Crazy Women, Inc. (aka me, Amy, Michele, and Chris):
me, AmySC, MicheleWA, and ChrisNC

The European contingent (Luke and Fiona--- that Luke's a fine stitcher. Someday he'll be as talented as his mom):
Fiona and Luke The Talented (Scotland) and me

To prove that both Pals pitch in and everything has to come to an end, here's Steph un-decorating the conference hall:
StephFL undecorates

This pic falls under the heading of Things Learned/Decided at the Convention. You see, after Julie nearly exploded a sinus trying not to squirt cola out her nose when something said something terribly funny over dinner, we made a rule -- When you take a drink, raise your hand and all talking will cease until you swallow. (Please note: I WAS raising my hand when they made me squirt water across the table!). Julie and I demonstrate the proper technique:
me and JulieGA raise our hands

Now for the Stitcher's Showcase-- bring your prized stitching and we'll all ooo and ahhh over it and maybe you'll win a prize! {None of these are mine, but I was willing to take them all home!!!)
picture 193
picture 180
picture 192
picture 202
picture 191
picture 178
picture 182

If only I'd finish mine, maybe it would look this good!
picture 185

Bev brought her Nova-- I can appreciate, but I'd never have the patience--
picture 187
picture 189
Yup, Nova always floors me with its intricacy.

More later/tomorrow.... after all, I haven't given the Stash Report yet!


Barbara said...

Wow, what fun! And what fabulous stitching!! :D

Kathryn said...

Great stitching! I have something like Nova that I am ignoring. It's a large pumpkin. Tons of different stitches and all in orange! I thought I would work on it when the colors for Project Spectrum included orange, but we were traveling then and it's just to big to take.

Ruth said...

Thank you Barbara and Kathryn for your kind comments, although, Barbara, shouldn't you be in bed? lol Isn't it the middle of the night where you are?

Kathryn, does the pumpkin piece work up into a 3-d pumpkin? I have a canvas that does that ... in 4000 different versions of orange. I was very excited when I ordered it at the show and it has been languishing for years now.

Michele said...

ummm, I think every needs to see that you are raising your hand sweetie lol *grin*

I'm still bring raingear next year!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like fun! Wow, that Nova piece is incredible

Wawanna said...

Oh my gosh, did you have a fabulous time! Laughter is the best medicine. Your new tote bag is the greatest, and all those chocolates...WOW. Thanks for sharing good times and good stitching, it is always fun to read your uplifting.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Thanks for sharing so much, Ruth! Incredibly fun and fabulous pics!

tkdchick said...

Wow! How fun! Too bad I couldn't get time off of work to go to something like that!