Sunday, October 14, 2007

Almost gone!

Well, I'm packed-- socks, shoes, toothpaste, stitching. I even remembered my nametag -- it's a vision of beauty... mainly because I didn't stitch it Lani did ( ). THANKS LANI!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, got everything in the bags. Wahooo. The carry on has the "bag" for my grab bag (yeah, yeah, they'll be a picture post-convention), CD player, CDs, a book (namely Simon Green's totally awesome The Man with the Golden Torc), and my travel stitching piece-- my Fair Square for Vicki. I'm so excited about starting it I can hardly wait to get to the airport. lol

Monday night I head Raleigh way to meet up with Chris. Together we're raiding the Lazy Daisy for stash (yeah, like I need more!), stitching, and hanging -- I even get to check out rehearsal at Chris' bluegrass group!!! Wednesday we're off to Myrtle Beach to meet up with all the other Cross Stitch Pals ( for lots of laughing, desserts, crab, and classes with Mary of M Designs! Woo hooo, extra hooo. Yup, I promise full reports!

And, yes, startling as it may seem, I'm ready..... I think. Last night I put the final bits on the center of my signature RR piece for the convention:
Pals signature RR center 10/14/2007
The pattern is LHN's "Comfort" and the threads are all Vikki Clayton's.

I also did one practice run on my "signature" for the RRs
practice on Pals signature for RRs
The dragon makes me very happy. I'm going to change to the dark teal in the signature center piece above for my name and rework the letters some. I will probably keep the orange to do "CA" in .... a nice California poppy-ish color seems appropriate. I'm still trying to decide if I'm completely insane for thinking of doing my signatures in Vikki's silks. I like the texture of the premium threads for coverage and for not having to worry about two threads dividing when I'm putting together all that backstitching. Maybe I'll test more tonite. We'll see.

I also have a final pre-convention pair of ornies to show --
humbugs 10/11/2007
The snowman one is probably going in my gift exchange box, but that might change too. Thoughts of vacation make malleable I guess.

Quote of the Day: "You’d be amazed at how many women go absolutely platinum with grief." The Closer
Books in process: Rex Stout Too Many Women; Terry Pratchett Pyramids
Books going on vacation with me: Pratchett's brand new Making Money and Green's languishing but thoroughly wonderful The Man with the Golden Torc


Kathryn said...

Have great fun in Myrtle Beach. It should be so much nicer in October than when I was there one muggy, hot July. I can't wait to hear all about it and see what you stitched or bought there when I see you at Loscon.

Barbara said...

Enjoy a wonderful holiday!

Wawanna said...

Have a great time doing everything you enjoy! Hope you come back with your eyes full, your belly full, and your stitching bag full to the brim! And that you will have such awesome memories to think about over the next few moths.

Ruth said...

Thank you, ladies. I shall endeavor to enjoy on all your behalves! :)