Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Being lucky

Yup, I certainly was lucky at Pals. Since I had 12 ornies for the exchange I came home with quite a haul. Here are my stunning winnings (although one is missing.... hmmmmm):

From MicheleWA (aka -- http://michele11wa.blogspot.com/ )
ornies from Micele Pals Fall Fling 2007

From AmySC (aka -- http://amystitches.blogspot.com/ )
ornies from Amy Pals Fall Fling 2007

From KarenAZ --
ornie from KarenAZ Pals Fall Fling 2007

From CharOH:
Ornies from Char Pals Fall Fling 2007

from Malinda:
ornie from Malinda Pals Fall Fling 2007

From DebbieWY:
ornie from DebbieWY Pals Fall Fling 2007

From ChrisNC (aka Miss New to Bloggin... check her out! She's really quite friendly --- http://chrisstitch.blogspot.com/ )
ornie with sentimental tail from ChrisNC Pals Fall Fling 2007
Chris would like you to know that she was so rushed getting the ornament done that she forgot all about the thread tail. When she spotted it, I had won it and wouldn't let her trim it on account of its being sentimental. lol

I owe pics of the contents of my grab bag from Granny Pat -- It had soem of the coolest buttons ever! These little wooden ones I keep seeing at Joann's but I keep stopping myself from buying. Apparently there was a reason I exercised some circumspection.... Lord knows I don't often!

And one little "extra" of Myrtle Beach was getting to deliver to Jody her long-awaited Sassies RR (that's Sassies -- Slow Stitchers And Sandy). It seems it was mostly done save for my second square in 2005 and early 2006. Ok, so it took me a while! lol Stitchers in the group were: Jody, ChrisNC, sandy (aka Momyar), and SharonPA-- all from Pals.
Jody's Sassies RR 2006-7

My first square:
My square 1 for Jody's Sassies RR done 2006... err maybe 2005?

My second square:
Square 2 of mine for Jody's Sassies RR done 10/2007
You wouldn't believe how many lame things had to be changed in this chart to make it acceptable. Sheesh, what a pain.


Kathryn said...

DebbieWY gave away that hardanger? If I ever finsh some of the hardanger kits I have, I am NOT giving them away. Yes, those are lovely. They will be great memories of a wonderful time.

Barbara said...

WOW, that's some serious ornamentation!!! Gorgeous, each and every one!!

Vonna said...

What a bunch of lovely, beautiful things! Hurray for you!!!!

Ruth said...

Thanks, ladies. I was very lucky. And, Kathryn, yes, it is true, several of the Pals do STUNNING hardanger and happily bring them for the exchange. Me personally, I can't begin to contemplate cutting my stitching. I stitch to slow to accept such potential disaster!

Mel said...

Those are a lot of ornaments and such beautiful ones too.

Choko said...

Thank you visiting for my blog and comment.
Their ornaments so lovely!!Wonderful!!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Gosh, you really raked in the ornaments!! They are really fabulous, too!

tkdchick said...

Wow what awesome ornaments!

Lovely RR to!

Chris said...

Oh, will you please cut the tail off of the ornament I stitched. I should have gotten up during the night and cut that tail off. LOL.