Thursday, February 06, 2014

Olympic plans and scattered movement

Anyone else extremely pleased when they wake up and realize it is Thursday?  It makes me so happy!  I think I transfer all the usual person's elation of a Friday to Thursday because on Friday, while I am happy and all, I cannot help thinking, It's not quite Saturday.  But on Thursday I wake and (and pretty much spend the day thinking, "wow, tomorrow is Friday!"  Ok, that is way too much rumination on my silly proclivities.

So on to my resuscitated stitching.  I seem to have seem small level of enthusiasm for needles back.  Let us hope the trend continues to grow!  I mean what with the Olympics coming I need to be primed for hours of seated stitching/cheering revelry.   Are you ready??????  I believe my primary Olympics stitching piece will be Ellen's flag.  Though I am further along than this picture indicates, I really need to make massive progress on this.  Those stars seem to take me forever, but the words fly along.  Two weeks on concentrated non-channel-changing evenings should do wonders for this piece.

Anyone else doing "an Olympic project?"

For a while now I had been plopping this little darling, Martina Dey's Tsunami Sampler, on to my bed and planning to make progress on her.  I mean I *really* wanted to, but somehow she'd tumble out of the bag and I'd look at the giant pile of threads and never actually get stitching.  I think the problem was that when I first envisioned her I was doing it all in shades of pinks, roses, maroons, and greens with a little grey.  And now I am leaning to a full rainbow of colors.

The dark diamond is a Vicki Clayton premier silk, the bright pink crown is a Vicki regular silk, and the varigated, light pink, partial motif is a Thread Gatherer Silk n Colors.  For the record, I think I'm going with the change to the rainbow plan, and I don't think it is too late to pull back from the pink edge.  Cross your fingers for me!  Please, let me not change my mind on that again!!!!!

Next up is my baseball flag.  It is a tres easy stitch with it being just basketweave, but it proves very handy for moments where I just have to get needling.

And, because it is so hard from the front to see how far I have gotten --

Here is Mrs. who got the bottom edge of her bib or the top band of her dress, and she also got half a flipper edge.

 Oh and that is my new magnet courtesy of my shop owner and our teacher -- Thanks!!!!   She reminds me of sculptures by that long lost uncle/cousin of mine .

Now I know this one will be hard to believe!   But look who came out to play this week -- the golden Gate bridge ornie!!!!  He had his red heart pulled out and I put in the TNT for Team in Training (the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's fundraising body) and 11 for 2011, the first time I went to the Nike Women's Marathon in SF to cheer for my sister and BIL's TNT team.  I even put in part of a row of the sky.  Another 6 years of progress on this scale and I will be done!
For the record, that is a Princess and Me canvas.

To round out the day a little stash.  At the TNNA vendor showcase night I picked up this pattern and silk/wool combo yarn from Sweet Georgia.  Isn't it pretty?  I don't think I could get much use out of it as a shawl, but I'm thinking it would be a yummy scarf.

Here is to your day being peacefully productive... and to me not thumping a co-worker (I have so many in need of thumping it is getting downright hysterical!)  Happy stitching!


so many books said...

Is the shawl something you knit? Do you knit? Very pretty projects, my dear, it sort of makes me understand why you flit from one to another. They are each so tempting!

Karen said...

Love the baseball flag! And all the others, I might have to pull out a patriotic piece to stitch on during the Olympics too! Lord knows I have many in there as wips lol