Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Plans

Possibly the heading on this post should be "Better Late Than Never," but that would apply to so very many of my posts (and so much of my life in general) as to make it redundant.  So let's just assume I'm always behind the 8-ball and go one, shall we?

Stitching Plans:

  • More than last year. -- but that is a disingenuous cop out

I mean, frankly, that should not be hard since last year took the prize for Most Lackluster Stitching Finishes Year in recent, recorded memory.  Now hold the presses!   I just went and checked and actually 2010 was considerably worse.  But still, let's think here folks --  I just rewrote my WIP lists in The Sacred Book of All Stitching (hmmm, I should show you that some time) so I have the numbers at hand ---  I currently have 37 xs pieces and 21 needlepoints with needles in them.  And last year I finished stitching 21 projects.  So logic says I should be able to plow through my WIPs and UFOs in 3 years.

But wait!  A quick tally shows that 9 of the 21 finishes were started and finished in 2013.  Another 11 items that I was "inspired" to start in 2013 remain today on either the WIP or the UFO list.  Now we can assume that I will feel compelled to start a bunch of new projects (as if I could ONLY stitch from my WIP and UFO piles!  HA!).  So, follow me here, I think we can make the logic leap that in 2014 I will follow the 2013 trend and have roughly 10 of my finishes for the year be new starts, and that another roughly 10 items that I start this year will remain unfinished by January of 2015.  Therefore, dear reader, by starting 20-ish new things a year and only finishing 20-ish things a year I WILL NEVER EVEN MAKE A DENT in my piles of pieces in progress.

{By the way, you are witnessing genuine discovery in action here -- This had not really dawned on me.  How embarrassing!}  All this means that to make any progress at all I need to finish more than I start this year.  I just must.  There are no two ways about it.  It has got to happen.    

So here it is -- The Real Stitching Plan:

  •  4 finishes a month
  • no more than 2 new starts in a month (and only 2 if one of them is an ornie)
  • a COMPLETE BAN on ornies hanging around for more than 2 months.  Sheesh!   How embarrassing is a UFO ornie with no real excuse?
  • my very, very, VERY best effort to control the shopping!  Dang it I'll need a spare county to keep it all in soon!
My target projects for the year are:

Rose City Stitchers

BBD's America

Mrs. (And Mr. who I still haven't started)

Eagle Eyes (because I'm in love)

And the pieces suffering from a lack of photo--
Ladies Day
Ellen's flag
the flag needlepoint
powwow shawl dancer
In Virtue's Ways
Mary's Sampler
Tree of Stitches
Golden Gate Bridge ornie
A Gathering of Hearts
HiH Spooky
pink rose box lid
and the other 7 needlepoint and 5 xs ornies I have needles in.

(wow, that fortuitously adds to 30 -- honest I didn't plan that)

The only other planning that really gets me intrigued is reading.  So here we go --

The Reading Plan, 2014:

  • 5-6 books a month 
  • at least 2 books a month off the unofficial list of stuff that has been waiting a long time
  • a serious attempt to stop channel surfing in a futile effort to "find something worth watching" -- who am I kidding, it's not like I *need* to know what is in the mystery basket on Chopped, what the boys of Duck Dynasty are getting up to, or what is going to go wrong this week on Love It or List It.  And, let's face it I NEVER need to know anything related to Cupcake Wars so why do I even bother to pause?????   
Key target books of the year:
  • Gaiman's American Gods (am I waiting for a personal invitation???)
  • all the books that have been interminably languishing on my "in process" list -- namely: Powers' Strange Itineries; Vaughn's Kitty and the Midnight Hour; and Poitevin's Sins of the Angels
  • at least 2 by Glen Cook and Simon R. Green, and Carrie Vaughan, and Sharon Shinn
  • at least 3 on Ireland
  • 12 nonfictions
  • oh, and let's try for at least 3 of those books that people think "everyone" ought to have read -- you know.. "those"

So there they are The Grand Plans of 2014.  Wish me luck... I do the same for you and your schemes for the year!  Here's to success for us all.


so many books said...

Personally I would consider 2014 a stellar year if Ethel is finished. Period. End point. Exclamation point perhaps? It's good to have goals, but channel surfing is a perfectly valid way to be on top of cultural norms and that's important tool. Thanks for the post!!

Preeti said...

Great plans !! I am falling behind on not my reading plan but creating a plan for reading at the first place which I get just reminded about when I see on blogs :)
All the best!!

Thoeria said...

Well....there are some gorgeous projects that you have on the go there! I must admit that I found as soon as I started setting stitching goals......that I'd immediately start slowing down stitching! Good luck achieving all your goals :)

Gillie said...

Yes, maybe a little Stitch from Stash FS style could be just the thing! Will be keeping a close eye on the happenings in badger land, lol!

Shelleen said...

Great plans and make sure you keep posting on how you are doing. I miss you.

Syed Kazim Ali said...

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