Monday, February 10, 2014

Stitchless Sunday

While I enjoyed a fairly sumptuous weekend of Olympics fun, but I have not much to show for it.  My flag got some more stars (why in the world does it take me an eternity to stitch those blooming stars?!).  

The Blue is a Sampler Thread, the Red a Threadworx, and the off-white is Splendor.

My stitching plans to be prudently good and focused on long tern things may have some challenges -- I signed up for Janet Perry's notebook course of building stitches.  So far only the front matter and and lesson one have arrived.....

.....but that cause me to pick up the following for stitching sample squares for the notebook.  Let's see how many hours I can distract myself from those long-term projects.

I also got a collection of Whimsey and Grace ornies in that I ordered at TNNA.  I just love them and I love the little swirly holder things that they include with them.

I have done what I could to keep myself focused -- I didn't tape and stretcher the new ornies.  And I firmly forced myself to NOT open any other projects from the piles I have laying around Chez Hovel.  But still, you know what I did all Sunday?  Not a darned thing!  Sure, I did some cleaning and even managed taking the trash out.  Oh, and I changed channels from one Olympics station to another--- with great style and assurance I might add!  But NOT ONE SINGLE SOLITARY STITCH happened on Sunday.  Not one.  An entire day dedicated to sloth-ness, and not one stitch!  I am so embarrassed.

Perchance I will have better news later this week.  Certainly I can be better than zero!

Good luck with your own stitching games!


Barb said...

The stars might be going slow but they are so pretty. Well worth the time.

Preeti said...

I like your colorful ornies!! I have had many stitch less weekends. This weekend too was another feather in my cap for being stitch less weekend :)
I have adjusted to this fact now that it's impossible for me to have me time on weekend. When I told my husband about hermit weekend stitching that goes on around blog world, he was excited about it and offered me to do on a weekend. Not surprisingly, it lasted for just 40min instead of 2 days :)

Embroidery Digits said...

BRilliant work

Giovanna said...

Nice going on the flag. Enjoy the canvas projects, they will be lovely.

Jeanne said...

wow - love those ornament canvases! I'm not going to let myself be tempted into the Needlepoint corner though LOL. I think your blue & white piece is awesome!